Day 057 "Fried Brain Matter"

Well I got what I wanted today.

Not the house. They're still percolating on that over at the ol' bank. No, I meant the writing. I got a lot of work done.

The story is really coming together for book one. I have the overall arc of the series pretty well worked out but now I'm working on the individual books. In this case #1.

And it was a productive day.

I'm actually pretty drained right now brain meat wise. My eyes are falling in and out of focus as I'm writing. Jeannette's got a home Reno show on, which is drawing enough of my attention to make this a shit entry. So apologies for that.

Okay, now she's got it on Saved By the Bell. Zack is teaching Kelly how to putt.

...okay, made a pass at Jeannette. It's a no go.

And now it's back on the Reno show.

Such is life.

I'm not sure if I'll get back at it tonight. The writing I mean, not Jeannette - she had her chance. I might dig into a book or some TV. Maybe slam my head against a door frame. We'll see.

And yes, I fully recognize how boring this must be for you to read. I apologized once. What do you want from me? My blood?? Some of that juice that's in your spine???

Jeannette was a little upset at me today. I killed off a main character in the story that she really likes. She kept questioning me on the decision every time I checked in on her. But what can I say? Sometimes bitches have to die.

And that's 'bitches' in the generic sense, as in characters - not in a gender-specific-reference to my writing. I actually portray all my bitches very well. ... and never refer to them as bitches... so...

Yeah, I'll maybe go peak into my makeshift office again. The board was added to considerably tonight. The story is about half plotted out. It changes everything to be able to look up and see it.

I then read out the first chapter and timed it to see how long it ran. I figured that way I could get a sense of my story length thus far. For instance, Harry Potter book 1 is 8 hours, 17 minutes long. Which is good.

You don't want to go too long in a first book. And I do fear the size of the story to this point. So I'll have to watch that. ~ actually no, I won't watch it at all. I'll just write it and see what happens. The story is the story is the story, as they say )no one says that( and it should have its chance to be told as it wants.

This home Reno show is surprisingly engaging. I wasn't sure about these twin brothers at first - Johnny suit dimples and Gordie flannel shirt - but they're not bad. That or I'm so tired my brain doesn't have the energy to be the voice of one of the old muppet dudes up in the balcony. Which is it's usual tone when watching TV.

A remnant of the comedian.

And so here we are, approaching the minimum; with the full knowledge that this entry is balls and we furthered the cause not at all.

I'm going to watch this house hunting couple argue themselves into matching aneurisms now. Have a good night, primates. -mp