Day 055 (Unedited Stream)

*30 minute straight writing no editing. Go!


Sitting for to work now and thought I better tuck into the blog first. Technically, I could have written this on the computer, as it's in front of me, but I'm digging the phone entries. Or at least, I chose to go with it on this particular occasion; given both options. That's no to say I'm done with the computer entries and pleasant visuals that sometimes get tossed into these efforts for aesthetic, and sometimes ambiguous reasons. Not at all. I'm just spending a lot of time in front of it lately and and don't feel the need to add to that.

And it's pretty casual over here tonight on the South Mountain. Jeannette and I are rocking a rare night of alone time as both my parents are out.

Heads out of the gutters people!!

We only did it the seven or right times.

Wait, what do you mean by 'gutters'?

Actually, she hasn't been feeling well all day so she's down for the count right now. I may or may not here Scooby Do in the background. Hard to hear through my own music.

So she's testing and I'm writing. I think I've got four hours in me. Which isn't bad considering we spent all day out. Well.. We slept in. BUT! We did go to the dmv immediately, so that should ruin any jealousy you may have felt at the fact I slept in and you maybe got up for something you don't like to do. I get a lot of that already so I can often see the signs early.

So yes, DMV.. at the beginning of the day. ~ We had to go in and get drivers licenses so that the bank we've applied for a mortgage with knows we aren't terrorizerss. (SP wouldn't let me publish the real word)... I'm from here. Have I mentioned that?,.. They're having a rough time with the fact I'm an actor I think. Which is understandable. I get it. But some of their subsequent questions have been somewhat questionable themselves. So not sure what is happening on the other side of the board room wall. ... Have I mentioned I in a boardroom?...

I would think being on a television show and having immaculate credit and no debt but the deeds I've done and maybe a couple grand on my VISA:) ..would make me pretty stable a potential client. And also that I'm not a Talibanianansisxxer. ~ I don't like to put any limitations on myself guys.. you know that I don't. (I haven't forgotten about learning physics, by the way, don't even worry about it). - But I'm pretty sure between being Jeannette's boyfriend and the book and waiting in traffic in Berwick (what??) I hardly have time to do anything so nefarious that it would require me to go to the high security DMV in Middleton, and get my license.

Surely if I am a person of malcontent capable of portraying himself as an actor and comedian and Jokers hockey player who in reality is some kind of male version of the AJ character; Salt, would be able to finagle a drivers license from the lovely woman behind desk 1.. of 2... at the Middleton DMV. You know, given said SUPER SPY already had one on file that doesn't expire for two years!!..! (starts to walk away)..!!!!

But here we are. Waiting. And fully willing to do so, given I have a week to go before I leave for a TV show that will be quite generously paying me more than an amount that a bank would have interest in. Given that it's more than a single red cent. I

But yes. Run the security checks and math. I understand. My girlfriend is from Lebanon. I'm sure there's been a blip or a bleep on a computer somewhere in the system (I would have italicized 'somewhere' but alas, one of few of the drawbacks of writing on the phone) ~ And she is dangerous. I'll grant them that. In any situation involving sharp tongues, energetic gesturing and the analysis of social behavior.

Hopefully soon we'll know if my hometown will accept me back into its shitstorm covered frozen tundra with open, if somewhat stiff arms. The Mapman was from the city so I try not to count my dealings with him against my town of origin. But this.. Hmmm. I'll have to meditate on it.

And by meditate I mean write, without thinking about it at all. What did Lucas write, about patience? Well I haven't put that in my story yet. Been done. There's no time for patience anymore! Putin is at the gate! (I assume Ukraine has a gate of some kind) The point is, patience was the young Jedi's way, because they didn't have CGI in that future. Or nanodes. And it was only fourth years ago.

Jar Jar?

I'm sorry, I have to at least write that out or randomly say it in any conversation having to do with Star Wars. I never follow it up with any thoughts mind you. Nor do I spend another second trying to decipher until the next time I think about patience.

And then I do this whole thing again. It just happened to occur to me during the posting. I refuse to apologize. I

Okay. That 28 minutes of straight thumbing. Ladies? Anyone? -mp