Day 055 "Torcheckled"

Ever so tired.

It was an early start to the day I wouldn't necessarily want to do again.. For another six months or so.

Dental hygiene at 9:30am anyone?

If you stood up and said, "Yes sir, me please! I'll take it! ..and with gusto!," I'll slap your face with a white glove a bunch of times while saying 'wake up' repeatedly.., in your face.

It's no fun. Drills and weird polishing whizzy devices; which is a little too much like having one of those janitors, with those big things they push around to wax the floors of office buildings.., right in your mouth. It's not enjoyable.

The woman that did the cleaning - after my third panoramic X-Ray in "two years!" - honestly, I'm gonna have paper clips and small metal things snapping onto my magnetic jaw soon.. - well anyway, she was very good at her job. I have to say.

She made one fatal mistake right off the bat when she invited Jeannette to sit in the room and watch the TV. Yeah, well she watched a cartoon for about two seconds and then spent the rest of the time heckling me from her perch in the corner and distracting the woman who had tiny pick axes and grappling hooks inside my face by making her laugh.

So you know, that was appreciated.

Then Jeannette went on the chair and I also stayed in the room.. and was the perfect gentlemen I am: despite being a professional comedian with the ability to shred someone doing as poorly as she was in such a situation. Don't even concern yourself with what I would say. It would be gruesome. Terrifyingly scorching! I assure you!!

But I held back.

And read a book about books.

I'm not sure I like it. Seems a little too educated for me. The guy knows a lot of fancy words and quotes. And I didn't see any footnotes on those quotes either. Which I'm pretty sure means he didn't have to look them up. If he did I think that would be considered research and there should be a footnote. Don't quite me on that one. OR footnote me. You know what, I wouldn't even quote it. It's really nothing worth repeating. Especially out of context.

I'm trying not to judge the guy. He's a smart dude. He learned the fancy words. And if it's a topic I'm interested enough in to buy the book then perhaps I should learn some of those words. Which is why I'm still reading it. Could be his language is just a bit different than mine but we're saying the same things. Who can say?

And now I sit here at makeshift desk, feeling those evil grappling hooks digging into my lower front teeth like an inept rock climber cutting up the other edge of the mountain something awful. Bleck! I don't like it!

But as I said, the dentist was super friendly. Knew everything about teeth you could probably ever know. So that went about as well as such an experience can go. Then we went for breakfast and ate anything and everything that might wash away the taste of the evil paste in our mouths.

Then we came home and I did some work. It's going well, but man, it's a lot of work. This is the most I've gotten done in quite a while. I've been 4 hours plus for the last bunch of days. Still have stuff to do during the day, as we do tomorrow, but getting a lot more done now in between nunctions (necessary functions).

Seems to be the default now, when I'm feeling settled at all. I dig in and figure shit out quick.

So then we leave next week.

Blast! But BLAST! It's going to be incredibly fun. Even if just a fraction of the fun we had last year will be amazing. So if I have to leave this freight train of progress I'm glad it's for what's coming. And it'll all be jammed into a short period of time. So we're in and we're out. Sounds good to me.

All right. That's a minimum. But when all I have left in the tank after a night of writing the book is a shortened blog entry, I'll take it every day of the week.

When things are going well, I'll be writing shorter entries. Just a tip I'm learning about myself I thought if share. Do with that what you will. Nite monkeys. -mp