Day 054 "Dentified"

The house gods were angry this day my friends. Like an old man returning cold soup in a deli.

Seinfeld; wha??..

We had a delay in the procurement of our new house. Not a fatal blow. A glancing one, I'd say, but it was rather vexing nevertheless. Nothing to get too worked up about. Just a short delay and the annoying attempt to get a lost document from the government. But they take those calls quick right? Don't I just call Harper and get him to text the number to me?

Drove out to the house again on our errand run. It's getting harder and harder to keep from getting excited about it and making plans. But we're not there yet. It's a difficult thing this patience business. But I think I'm mastering it.

Well, if you don't count just now.

Dentist tomorrow. I need that like I need a punch in the face. Which is a little like what I'll be getting. I love how all dentists make you get that ridiculously expensive x-ray when they first see you. Why do they refuse to use the one I just had a few months ago? I suppose there are a lot of people out there using fake x-rays? Is that it? Using them like steroid junkies use other peoples pee. Or maybe pulling out a pit bull's x-ray's teeth just to make sure the doctor is legit.

What? People get weird about their mouths these days.

It's my X-ray. I don't get it. My mouth hasn't changed that much structurally in the last six months. The procedure isn't necessary. Just clean them man! I promise you my mouth is safe. There are no weapons or explosive devices inside my mouth, other than my tongue. So just take out your machine powered tools, that you refuse to make silent and non-threatening, and get in there and make me look pretty.

That's all this dentist business is about isn't it? Looking pretty. If you take care of your teeth you'll be fine. There are enough apples around these days for all of us. We can ship them and mail them and all kinds of stuff. So calm down.

And everyone is going to have robotic titanium teeth like those dogs that captured bin laden in a few years anyway.

I think the dentists are trying to make all their money on these unnecessary X-rays now because they know the titanium dog teeth are on their way.

I'm on to you dentists. I know what you're up to. I've got my eye on you.

And yet I'll still pay for your stupid X-ray thing tomorrow. I'll pay it for two reasons. One, it's covered under my insurance so why not? And two, because you dig around inside peoples disgusting mouths everyday and yet are always super friendly.

Which means you do it because you love it.

And I have a soft spot for weirdos.

The writing went well today. This new system has transformed everything. Really. Its a whole new ball game over here on the south mountain in Berwick, NS. Whole new ball game my fellow toe draggers.

I'm looking at my big beautiful white board now. It looks like I'm investigating an FBI crime ring. If I hadn't read a couple chapters to my mom and Jeannette I'd fear they think I'd lost my mind. But I did read it. And they both really liked it. And these are not delicate critics. (Well, maybe my mom) So we're good so far.

I have the style I'm going to be writing it in. I think. The narrative voice, if you will. I've tried a few approaches but Have it narrowed down. Which will have some style I think.

And the story is now blowing up in front of me. Wait. The opposite of blowing up. Last year it blew up. This year it's being reattached and organized. The characters are finding themselves.

Such an interesting process this writing business. Unique in my experiences so far. Though my approach is the same as it has been with everything. Play around with it and teach myself until something clicks and I get rolling.

Speaking of which, I haven't pulled out the guitar yet. I'm not going to take it to Vancouver so there was no point in start/stopping. It'll be a fun thing to get into when we're settled.

Soon my loyal readers. Then the real work begins... sporadically interrupted by the squeal of an infant that doesn't even speak the language. Seems like a tall mountain to climb.

Nite monkeys-mp