Day 054 "Slowly Fasting"

Well Canada took the gold medal in hockey today. Good game. But as I thought, not as exciting as the women's final or the last Olympics. But they played very well and it was fun to watch.

Then I went right back to bed and slept till 2:30. I think maybe we all did. Other than my nephew, who got bored and went home. It must suck to have to depend on old metabolism when you're 12.

When we woke up my grandfather and his lady friend came by. It was nice to see them as always. Apparently there have been a bunch of robberies in her neighborhood. She lives in a really nice part of town, near my aunt, and there was a string of break-ins which has obviously made her a bit nervous. Desperates, just wandering around checking doors and then brazenly entering people's houses while they're sleeping.

Brutal. I can't imagine what I'd do if I walked downstairs and there was someone in my house. But I'm sure something physical would transpire. Hopefully I'd have the coyote stick nearby.

I'm fasting today. Did I mention that? Yeah, foolishness, I know. But I challenged myself last night to see if I could do it. A little test of my own mental and physical fortitude.. for no particular reason.

Well, there are always reasons, but we need not get into them at this stage of the blog.

I don't ever remember doing it before. Not for a full day. I'm sure it must have happened at some point in my life, before some medical procedure or something, but the memory escapes me.

It's not fun. I'll say that. I'm a little light headed, which is better than the headaches I was expecting, and having more trouble focusing than usual. But I'm not struggling too much yet. So we'll see how it goes. I have no doubt I'll start to get irritable. But that's part of the challenge. To try to work through it.

I did do some work already today, predicting a less than efficient state of mind this evening. So the minimum has already been done. And then some. And once this entry is in the bag I could conceivably go do nothing for the rest of the night and be quite happy with my production today.

But if I do that I'll probably just be laying around craving food. So it's best to stay busy. Which does prove somewhat problematic, as staying busy generally means using energy. Which I am running very low on.

Jeannette thinks I'm crazy. She's tempting me with food right now, as I write this; like a good, supportive mate. Or like a deviously manipulative, middle eastern, food succubus. It's one or the other. I often confuse the two.

I curse her!!

Not really. She's the greatest.

So it's been another quiet day then. And I'm fine with it. This week all the house business should get done. I'm hoping. And then the week following we head to Vancouver. So not much time left at all before we're off galavanting again.

I'm pretty excited to see some of the new scripts. I've heard a few things for my character, but I'm sure they've changed and added a bunch of new story lines. I'm looking forward to it, as much as I would also love to be able to stay and get the book done. Shooting will be fun.

After all, this is supposed to be the season of fun. The first one is down, everyone got their legs under them, we were all but cancelled at one point, in our minds - our contracts having been expired since June - and then, shockingly, we were offered the chance to go back and do another one.

So this season will be fun. No ifs ands or buts about it. I'm going to dive head first into Ryan and hit the ground running right away. I just hope they amp up his crazy this year. Give me something I can dig my teeth into!

Okay, I'm fading. It's time to go do something that'll be louder than my growling stomach. Maybe a nice game of smash the kitchen pans together. -mp