Day 053 "Coyote Stick"

Crushed today, as a former friend of mine would say. Nine or so hours of writing in the last two days. Today was a little more staggered than last night but it was still good. I've got the white board going - with some modifications I still need to do - and am rocking the computer again.

And as the story is taking visual shape before me I'm realizing just how much I have, and how long this first book might be. Which isn't the intention. But the chapters I have planned are all necessary. There's just a lot of them.

So a good day of work. I think a big part of it is being able to get most of the shit we had to do out of the way last week. Still waiting to hear about the house. A couple more hurdles there. But I'm hopeful we'll know for sure this week.

But tomorrow looks like another solid day of freedom from errands. I'll get a few things done. Some tax stuff maybe (in case my accountant reads this..) but otherwise I'll keep going. Jeannette and I made a bet that if the baby is born before I'm a best seller, she gets to name him (or her). What can I say, I set high goals these days.

Technically I guess this means she's betting against me. But don't hold that against her. She's my biggest supporter by far. She just doubts the speed of the kid to pull off such a feat.

As well she should. I think I made a big mistake on that wager. There's no WAY I'll have this thing done and on shelves within nine months. But I'll do my due diligence and give it a good shot. I think if I just finished a readable draft in that time I'll consider it a victory. Even if I forever have to call my kid something stupid.

I took the dogs snowshoeing today for a bit of a break from the writing we finally had some nice weather where the sky wasn't spitting ice. My dad has a lot of land and the snow was pretty deep so instead of walking down the muddy road, which is pretty uneventful anyway, I took them down in the field. I brought a stick just in case the coyotes got particularly bold, and off we went.

You may laugh at such a precaution but we watched a team of them; three coyotes, teaming up to split up a family of deer so they could section off a little one. And all of it happening as we stood watching it out the window while drinking coffee. I could almost hear Lorne Greene providing the commentary.

The dogs and I flirted with going into the woods a bit but there weren't any paths and there was some water around. So I bailed. Hubble would walk in my tracks behind me and couldn't figure out the snow shoes, so he kept stepping on them and getting bopped a bit as I walked on. Pretty sure he took a couple to the face. But he's tough for a ShihTzu so he just kept going.

Also dove into a game of Yahtzee. Anyone? Good times. Hadn't played since I was a kid. Jeannette and my nephew picked it up today. It looks like we'll be on a bit of a board game kick for the next little while. We've played Catan, Yahtzee, poker, chess and checkers since he's been out. Which is great. I'll take a board game to constant TV any day. I watched CNN early this morning and had trouble swallowing my cereal. The anchors were indigestible mannequins.

Okay well I'm going to sign off now. Early morning coming up tomorrow. Gold medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden at 8am.. because the Russians are pissed off they got knocked out and want to punish us.

I want to see a good game but it won't be the same story line as the last Olympics. I really like the Swedes. There isn't the rivalry that there is with the Americans and the Russians. So without that spark of distaste fueling the competitive fire, it just becomes a really good hockey game. Which is probably for the best. I can get too worked up. Especially when watching it with my dad. Pretty sure he'd kick a nun in the leg to secure a Canadian gold medal tomorrow.

Not hard or anything. Just a light tap on the shin before he cut and run. He's a good Canadian that way.

Go Canada go! -mp