Day 051 "Golden Godesses"

First of all, congratulations to the Canadian women's hockey team for one of the most glorious wins in Olympic hockey history today. I jumped off the couch like I was 25 years old beating my friend Mark at Xbox hockey again.

And the women's curling team as well. Undefeated for the first time in history on route to a gold medal today. Very good day for Canadian sports.

But the hockey game, sweet jimmy jam jams, that was an epic ending. What a ridiculous game. What a rivalry! My heart went out briefly to the American team. They played hard and clearly wanted it badly.

But the Canadians just wouldn't be denied!!

I hope tomorrow's men's game is half as exciting. Ultimately I don't care who wins mind you, but a win for Canada would be sweet. If only so my dad doesn't have a massive coronary in his recliner with my dog sitting on his chest.

The day was pretty uneventful otherwise. My nephew was over after fracturing his arm while snowboarding the other day. He likes to be at his grandparents place when he's recovering from an extreme sports related injury.. which is often... so after watching some Olympic action he and I dug out the new board game I bought a few months ago; Catan.

He'd never played it and I hadn't played in months, so it was a bit of a learning curve for both of us. Still fun. I'd like to have a monthly game perhaps at some point, because I'm a nerd and will enjoy such activities in the future ~ Gainsay those who dare!!

I just have to get my dad to play. I think he'd really get into it. Nerd that he is as well. Deep down.

The writing went pretty well tonight. It wasn't a home run or anything. Not even a double, in my estimation. I'd say I maybe foul tipped a couple and then hit into an inning-ending double play that I somehow beat the throw on. What can I say? I'm chugging along.

I was having some structural issues so I looked up some videos online; authors using storyboards to keep everything in order. It's amazing what you can find online. Whatever you need information on you're bound to find. There's always going to be someone going through the very thing you're going through, with advice on how to overcome your current hurdle. I found some very helpful hints in about a five minute search that got me on track.

The future is very promising for do-it-yourselfer's.

So when we drove my nephew home I swung into Staples and bought a gigantic white board and some dry erase markers. Brought it home, pulled it out and got to work.

I've been trying and failing for some time now to find a more visual approach to the book outline to keep it all straight, and in sight, for easy reference. So I figured if I kept going back to the idea (and failing) then there must be something in that system I need to move forward. I'm hopeful that I might have cracked that code tonight. We'll see.

So I worked on the book and then spent some time with Netter. She was having some difficulty with that stuff today, what's it called?.. oh right, food. As in pretty much all of it. Nausea you see. Which is quite common we're told. But no less annoying because of it.

She's a trooper though. I'll give her that. I know I couldn't do it. No sir. Pregnancy just seems a little too weird and uncomfortable for this guy over here (literally pointing to myself with my thumb as I type this out in bed). I'll take my role as complaint listener and support giver any day of the week.

Well, that's all I've got In the tank for tonight priminions. Tomorrow is going to be a bit more of the same, though the genders of about 50 of the characters will be reversed. (Go Canada go!) Oh, and we also have to go by fat pants for Jeannette.

And buy "fat pants" I obviously mean "beautifully curved, pregnant goddess, leg holders". -mp