Day 33 "Super Bowled"

Well that was a game.

The most entertaining part was watching Jeannette's face turn several shades of red and purple. She loves Peyton Manning you see. In a way that's somewhat troubling for the man in her life. If he was good looking at all - and wasn't Republican - I might be worried. But the game itself was an absolute obliteration. Men vs boys.

This might be the first time I ever actually enjoyed the half time show more. Bruno Mars was fantastic. That's a talented dude right there. I may be somewhat slow on the uptake, as he's been popular for quite sometime now, but tonight's show was really great. Very Motown. He's a bit of a fusion between Michael Jackson and James Brown. And didn't look like a dick when the Chili Peppers came out and he sang with them as well. Which does happen sometimes, when they mix and match styles in an attempt to make as many people happy as possible. But they pulled it off.

He actually sings, this guy! And plays instruments! Real ones!! And he dances. It's so nice to see someone with actual artistry and talent dominate their craft like that.

The commercials were pretty shitty I thought, for the most part. Except the one where they combined the two dogs. No idea what it was for, as is the case with most of them. They're all becoming just climaxual (c) snippets of movies with product placement nowadays. Comedy still dominated of course. But there were the attempted heart string pullers as well. Oh, and Colbert for pistachios, which I found quite funny.

But the game was balls.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet otherwise. We're out at my parents place tonight and I gotta say I already miss that wood stove. So great. I love having the fire. I just sit there and feed it all day while working or chatting with Jeannette. We listened to some Confucius today and it sparked a pretty great conversation. I don't get to talk about this stuff much, as there are very few people in my life that have much interest. So it's nice when it comes up.

We hung out with my nephew a bit today as well, which was a nice surprise. He's a sharp kid, that one, with a crazy imagination. I had him coming up with names for planets for my book which quickly turned into some pretty great ideas for all kinds of things. I'm encouraging him to keep a little notebook to he can write them down when he comes up with them. As I said, he's very creative, but hates school something fierce. Which I understand as well. Something has to be done about the way we're teaching kids. It's abysmal.

So he helped me work a bit tonight by coming up with weird but interesting names. Which saves me from doing it. I'm shit with coming up with names. Worst part of the job... a job I haven't actually been paid for yet.. ahem..

As to jobs I DO get paid for, we're getting pretty geared up to go to Vancouver for Package Deal. We're probably going to start looking for places to live soon, which can be somewhat challenging from the opposite end of the country. The cast wants me somewhere in the city but I think I'd rather be closer to the studio in Burnaby. Just easier to get to work everyday. Which is what I'm there for.

But then, I'll be at work all day and Jeannette will be home, so in the end it'll be her decision. She still has a few friends in the city from when she lived there a few years ago so I hope she won't be too bored. And she'll be able to hang out on set whenever she wants; which is fun for maybe five minutes when you're not there doing shit. So we'll see.

A month to go. Six weeks before we start rehearsing. I should be talking to the creator soon. We were texting the other night and he says he has some really fun story lines for me. None of which I'll share with you guys of course, my dear, loyal priminions. But not for a lack of want.

Sadly, it would violate my prime directive.

As well as a bunch of contractual points that would get me sued,.. so... negative on that score.

But yes, I'm starting to get excited. I'll have a writing plan in place for when I get there. Might be a good time to get all the shit I came up with last year organized into a workable reference guide. I've got about 200 thousand words and most of them are in chunks and no discernible order. So that's a big job. And I'll have the first book pretty well hashed out by then as well, with a significant portion written. I'm just hoping I'll be able to steal time to work on it while we're shooting but it'll be tough. I just don't like the idea of stopping the momentum.

But the season itself will afford me the time needed after we're done to really bear down and get into this series. And I can't wait. I'm very happy with my progress so far, and this was the most chaotic year of my life, by far.

But I've left the wasteland behind me. And now all I have left to do is write about it. In the most entertaining way possible. That's it for me. Have a great night guys. -mp