Day 049 "Spring Cleaning"

Sometimes there's nothing to do but try to trick the mind into forgetting the fact that it's still shitty outside.

So we're doing some spring cleaning today, despite the fact it's freezing outside. Trying to get our shit organized so we don't have to keep pulling our clothes out if either suitcases or laundry baskets. It's the best we can do for now, until we get to Vancouver and then get back and move into the new place; should that all work out as expected/planned.

My mother has been going through all the old family albums, so the upstairs of the house is just littered with memorabilia. I find it very difficult to walk past on the way to my room without picking up a few random pictures that invariably end up bringing back a flood of memories.

Lots of little me's captured in time up there on those tables. Christmas days showing off presents, in a boat in my grandparents yard (they got flooded a few times), hockey pics, standup articles, and of course the photographic documentation that I was, at one time, a communofied member of the church.

It's funny, some of the pictures conjure up very intense memories while others don't remind me of any events at all. I just stare at the picture, with no recollection of the even being represented at all.

The mind is an interesting muscle. Are those memories still up there? Or have those cells been replaced and discarded? I think neurons stay up in the brain throughout our lives, if I recall my random scientific readings correctly. Whereas the rest of the cells in our body are completely replaced every seven years or so.

So I am pretty much a completely different organism from those days as a ten year old, paddling around in a boat my grandfathers flooded yard. My basic structure and design were the same, I'm sure. Which is to say I was genetically the same as I am now. But I've replaced almost all that meat with newer, more complex stuff over the years.

He was a good start, that little kid in that boat 27 years ago. But not the finished product. Nor is the body I'm in right now since there is no difference between the moment happening now and that moment in the boat when I was ten. Constant flux.

That's why I find pictures so interesting. Snap shots in time. Frozen representations of that which cannot be frozen. I always thought it a bit of a paradox. That pictures are even possible.

I wrote a paper about that very thing, in a philosophy class in college. Perhaps I'll throw it up here for fun. Just to show where my brain was back then, before I got swept up in writing jokes and hanging out in comedy clubs for hours on end, night after night.

I was on a very different track for a while. A track I'm now back on. A much more interesting a rewarding one. Asking the big questions and writing my thoughts down in an entertaining way. That's the goal anyway. We'll see where it all ends up.

Well I'm going to go help Jeannette now. She's got the vacuum out and is cursing up a storm in the bedroom. So I'll go make sure she hasn't sucked up one of the dogs.

Have a good day of spring cleaning guys. Or whatever you're doing. -mp