Day 047 "Couch Polympian"

A day of recovery.

I slept till the hockey game at 1pm. I make no apologies. There was never any doubt I wasn't getting out of bed before noon. I suppose a fire might have gotten me moving. Or an invasion of some kind. By aliens, or perhaps one of the nastier counties. Not Norway, or anyone like that. But someone with real teeth.

That's right, you heard me, not even a Norwegian invasion would have gotten me out of bed before noon today. What can I say? I question their resolve as a nation. I don't think they have it in them to make it all the way to the south mountain in Berwick. Even if they landed their troops in Halifax.

The gauntlet is thrown down Norwegian readers of this blog. I'll assume if you don't test me theory and attack my country by tomorrow you'll agree with my rather critical assessment of your warlike capacity.

So I slept in and then made the short trip to the couch where I proceeded to watch the hockey game with my parents and Jeannette. Drew Doughty beat the Fins 2-1 in overtime. I say Drew because he had both the goals and the rest of the team was barely present.

And now we're watching ice dancing. Which is why I've started writing the blog. It's not really my thing. Even as I write that the Canadian reality star team got ripped off in points; according to my father.

Not a fan of the judging sports. Give me a watch or scoreboard any day. If I'm competing I want nothing to do with a table full of people I don't know making the final decision. Leave it up to the athletes. That's what I say.

Which would discount about half the Olympic sports out there. So.. sorry to all you snowboard tricksters and figure skaters out there competing in all your subjective sporting events. You're done. Unless you can figure out a way to take the judges out of it.

I'm not a huge fan of the luge events either. Yes, it's a timed event and they use watches instead of know it all judges - who themselves are just suited critics from other countries - but they time the runs down to the thousandths of a second.

Really? A thousandth of a second? The human mind can't even fathom that much time. It's less than a hairs width of separation. And yet at the end, someone is a hero with a gold medal and the adoration of an entire nation, and the poor shmuck that finished just one thousandth of a second behind goes home, stuffs their face full of burgers and wonders why the hell they woke up at 7 and went running in the snow for the past four years of their life.

50 billion dollars spent on this Olympics. 50 BILLION. Unless they made Sochi into a giant bomb shelter and put all the venues down inside it, that's seems exorbitant to me.

Still no attacks though. No terrorizings. Which is fantastic. It would be a terrible tragedy if something devastating were to happen during the games. I merely point it out to make the point that perhaps the terrorizers aren't half as scary and powerful as they're made out to be by the media.

That's really the thing to keep in mind here isn't it? After making all their bold claims about making these games a blemish on Putin's legacy and blah blah blah, they seem rather impotent to affect any real damage. Which to me seems to point toward the fact that we give these boneheads far too much credit.

It is an ungodly amount of money to spend on a sporting event though, Olympics or not. And I could see many people being very upset by that. Especially people in Russia, who are struggling economically.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Olympics. They're the greatest exhibition of sport we have on the planet. And sport is nothing but the healthy continuance of physical evolution through a non "life or death" structure of competition. Which is much better than how we used to prove tribal and personal dominance. Roman gladiators, I'm looking at you. Bunch of savages.

But 50 BILLION? Is that really necessary? Who has that kind of money to spend on rinks and ski trails? Maybe that's why Putin walks around with his short off so often. He's been saving up this whole time to put all his wardrobe money toward these games.

See, he's clearly a man of the people. Far from the ego-maniacal dictator who would gut his country in order to make a tiny portion of it look healthy and vibrant for a two week period.

All right. We're watching some men's downhill skiing now. I'm gonna go watch some of this. Gotta love the speed demons who look at a mountain and think, "I'm gonna put two sticks on my feet and make that rock my bitch."

Have a good Sunday guys. -mp