Day 046 "Murdered In Woods"

Okay, well I'm not technically dead. But surely I'm close. Surely with the amount of energy I have left in my body after my adventure this morning I am flirting dangerously with that final, cold state.

I went snowshoeing today with my uncle and the group he goes with every Saturday. 9k. Dogs everywhere. Two hours through the woods.

It was great. Don't get me wrong. Very enjoyable. Beautiful day. Not too cold. Easy snow to navigate through. I brought up the rear of the pack of course, as any newcomer to this well established group of outdoor fitness fanatics will do. Dressed in my rather un-thermal hoodie and sweatpants combination and bulky snowshoes.

I felt like the teenager who shows up at his first dance in a baby blue tuxedo with frills and a top hat when everyone else is attired in modern outfits much more appropriate for the occasion.

Despite this I made out pretty well I think; in that I only took two branches to the face, one that snapped the hat right off my head, and then one or two falls.

But this is to be expected for one who is relatively new to the ancient art of snowshoeing. It takes some getting used to, let me tell you. And at times I wanted to kick them right off and just walk like a normal person, but I fought off the impulse and continued to plod along at a steady pace, listening to my lectures as I went.

I'm now done with Confucus, the Buddha and Jesus and have begun the series on Muhammad. As expected the life of that rather transformative figure was much different then I had been led to believe by the preconceived notions I had developed while growing up in the western world.

The common theme that is starting to become very clear is that the life and teachings of the prophet often has very little in common with the religions that were founded upon them.

Same messages at their core. But coming from men who existed in very different cultural realities. Words taken literally, when they are meant only to describe perspectives that cannot be described in any other way.

Stupid languages.

So that was what I listened to for the two hours I was trying not to die in the woods. And now I'm home and barely able to move my legs. I'm so tired I can't even sleep. I tried to nap but my organism wouldn't let me. I think it was scared that if I closed my eyes I'd never open them again. I can't even say it's being over dramatic.

Thankfully, the only thing we have to do today is to go in and give my grandfather his birthday present. He turned 93 yesterday; yes, on Valentines day. A fitting birthday for a man who's more romantically inclined in his 90's then most people in their so-called "prime".

He'll be going to the dance tonight with his lady friend so we'll hopefully catch him before the dancing shoes go on. If not, it'll be our loss. He waits for no one.

Otherwise, we're just going to enjoy the day. Watch the Olympics. And maybe take a drive out to see the house like a couple of property stalkers. And then we'll sleep and I'll wake up sometime on Tuesday.

Have a good day guys. And if you see my uncle please tell him I was so utterly unbothered by the hike today I went out and did it again. -mp