Day 045 "Shelter Securified"

Well we bought a house today.

I mean, you know, there's still a lot more to do. Paper work. Inspections. The garden must be cleared of any fairies, pixies, or demons. But otherwise, we're now home owners!

I don't get excited about too much anymore. What with the MANY disappointments and close calls that didn't go my way that I've suffered through in my career. But for this I have to admit, I'm pretty f'ing pumped.

I've never owned a home before. And certainly never thought my first one would be something like this. Right on the Bay of Fundy. A good size plot of land with woods and trails and hut tubs (singular, just the one) and a garage. And best of all, no guzzling oil tank! The property is remote enough that we're out of the way and have total privacy, but not too far out that we'll need a team of dogs with a sled to get into town for groceries.

It's pretty great. So surely this counts as a good enough Valentines day that I won't have to go pick up anything else. Right? Won't it? Surely!!

We'll be getting back from Vancouver in mid May and then moving into the house the very next day. Perfect timing. So we're pretty excited over here on the south mountain, knowing we'll have a great place to settle down over there on the North mountain soon. I only hope my parents don't consider us snobs for being on the other mountain and refuse to visit. I've lost touch with the social and geographical faux pas over here in the valley of Nova Scotia. Time will tell.

Tonight we'll celebrate both the purchase and the holiday (such as it is) with my parents and have some Chinese food. This is a big night all around, as it'll be Jeannette's first attempt eating it since she had the worst food poisoning I've ever seen, just a couple months ago. So good for her for getting back up on the horse!

Otherwise we're just going to relax and kick back tonight and let the shitty weather do whatever it needs to do out there.

And I'm also happy to report that the landlord of the place we've been fighting over since before Christmas seems to have come to his senses and moved on. That's not confirmed mind you, but the oil has been ordered so at least he chose to not ruin his property to make whatever point he was trying to make.

My advice to him would be to maybe make sure a lease is signed if you plan on being a bit shady. Always a good idea I think.

So we're off to do a few errands now and enjoy the calm that comes with having your shit in order. It took a long time to get here. And though we're not done yet, and there's still a lot to do, we're on the home stretch.

Quite literally.

Enjoy your day my dear, loyal priminions. I wish all your genital regions a sincere good luck tonight. I hope you all go to sleep sexually satisfied and with bellies full of chocolate.

Unless you're a kid. In which case do your homework and brush your teeth. And stop reading the adult portions of my blog! -mp