Day 044 "Valentinized"

Valentines day is tomorrow, for all you lovers out there. All you people who enjoy having your romance dictated to you by the state. "Give her a card on this day, with flowers and chocolate! And mandatory sex!! WITH copious foreplay!! Or you'll suffer the consequences!!"

I don't know about you but I've always had a love hate relationship with the day. I hate that it exists and love that it's just the one day. What can I say, I don't like being told when to do things. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart/penis.*

*at least I put a slash in there. For most guys those two words are interchangeable.

Thankfully I am now with a woman who feels the same. ... At least I think so. Or rather, so she says. But I've fallen for that before. One second you're basking in the glory of having found a woman who claims that V day is stupid and the next its 7pm on the 14th and you're wandering the gutted, red ribbon riddled drug store isle, with a few other down trodden stragglers who fell for the same "it's not a big deal" line and are now looking for some remaining romantic trinket that will get them back into their house.

And all because a bunch of companies want to sell cards that no one needs anymore, balloons the planet doesn't have the helium to sustain, not to mention the chocolates and diamonds and blah blah blah, we ruin everything.

But this one is different, I think. Jeannette is a reasonable woman who doesn't get taken in by all that forced sappy shit. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dead inside. She knows how I feel about her and I make an effort to make sure she feels it constantly. I just don't need a dedicated day to do it. That's all I'm saying over here guys.

And we're very, very tired. I woke up to another insane email from the landlord of the rental unit. I think he might be losing his marbles that one. But I'm VERY done discussing him and his shit so I'll move on. What will be will be.

Nevertheless. It was an unfortunate thing to wake up to. And then we got news of a counter offer on the house, and we had to go through all that and give our answer and yada yada yada, we're exhausted. I have bags under my eyes guys. Haven't had them for some time. But these long, cold, complicated Nova Scotian days are beginning to wear on me. It'll be nice to get back on the set of a sitcom where everything is simple and makes sense. You know? Back to basics.

A lot of good stuff happened today as well. We locked in our flights and accommodation for Vancouver. Spent some time watching hockey with dad. Jeannette made kickass chicken wings. Let's see... um... Hubble pretended he liked me for about five minutes before I took my hand off him to scratch my nose and he bolted. Had a quality nap.

So you know, not a bad day all around. And now we're sitting here watching some speed skating. Well, I'm writing the blog and Jeannette is playing a game on her phone, but you know, the TV is on. Actually I see she's turned it over to Columbo.

Well this changes everything. I think I'll tuck in to a little Peter Falk action until it's time to write the minimum and go to bed. Have a good night guys. And enjoy your mandatory day of romance tomorrow. Suckers. -mp