Day 041 "Poetical"

One down and one to go.

Locked in an apartment in Vancouver today. Well, I don't know about "locked" in. But we spoke to someone and we have paper work on its way. So it sounds pretty good. And we'll just be a block away from Randal, which will be great.

Still don't have a house yet. But that a slightly larger decision and we'll take our time with that one. But we are going to see the one we really liked again yesterday and will be headed into the bank to do all that shit this week as well. So even that is moving along rather nicely.

Otherwise it's been a pretty uneventful day. I took Jeannette to the one sushi place in town which she found to be quite good. So that's a relief. It's not like we have a lot of other options in the area, and we both love sushi.


Phone was dying earlier, as was my desire to write. So I went and worked out, showered and low and behold here I am! Back at it with a fully charged phone but even LESS energy in my body. With even less a desire to write.

So that didn't work. But I do feel better. Working out is always the first to go when I'm unsettled. It's always how it's been. Ever since I started this insane career/life path, which is really what this business becomes, I've had to go into what I call "financial lockdown". I would activate that lifestyle when I was broke, which usually just meant a shut down of hockey related activities. But also working out. So easy to neglect the body when the mind is trying to think of ways to feed it and keep it sheltered.

Well thanks to the show coming back and the projected success of my book - a projection I did myself... and a book I haven't written yet - I should be good for a while. So now it's just a matter of getting settled. Which we're dangerously close to.

As I said, apt in Vancouver has been found, which locks us up till June. Then a house in the woods. A beautiful house mind you, my lady mustn't go without the modern comforts she's become accustomed to, even if her man will be out stalking his property building teepee's and fire pits like a savage.

*note: I don't ever use the word savage in a derogatory sense. A savage is the main character of my books after all. If not, perhaps, the hero.

So I'm hoping June will find Jeannette and I settled down in our own place and far from the distractions of the business and LA and everything else that fights with the mind daily to hold our collective attention and keep us from that sweet silent spot within.

Wholly shit, I'm poetic. Must have been the lunges. Something about working the thighs and ass that always puts me in a romantically centered place. You should see me doing squats at the gym. I'd grunt out one sonnet or haiku (depending on the weight) after another. I was very popular.

I'll be going out to the old barn tonight. Just me and Hubble, to do some writing. It's quiet and there's a fire and I've done quite enough life work the last few days to justify it. Jeannette will hang with my parents and watch the Olympics. She's quite comfortable here. More so than out there, despite how much I like it. But we might head back tomorrow. At least for a while.

But we needed the Internet for all the shit we had to get done for the house and all that. Which is why we came to the parents place. And we don't have it out there. So here we are. The new place will have Internet. And likely cable as well. Despite how little I'll be using it.

Speaking of which, I think it's time to shut it down tonight as well. I'll go shove some food into my mouth and then toss the dog in the truck and head out.

The dark house with the heart of fire awaits. -mp