Day 32 "Busy Day"

Look, it's not that I forgot to start writing this entry earlier, and give that staggered style from yesterday a try today. It's just that it's now 3:45 and this is the first time I've sat down today with any time available to write.

It's a beautiful day here in ol' Canning so when I got up this morning I took Hubble for another walk down the property. Listened to some Confucius on the way. He's a wise old Chinese divorcee, he was.

Then we came back and had breakfast. If I could start every day that way I'd be a very happy man.

After that we had to go take a bunch of recycling to a drop off on the mountain and get some other things in town so we can do some cleaning today. When we got home Jeannette said she wanted to do the walk so off we went again. We were about 20 minutes from the house when I got a call from my grandfather. He and his "female companion" were at the door with a pie. Our first official drop in.

They were supposed to come by later but they were headed out to check on her cottage and thought we might like to go. So we did. You can't even believe how beautiful the spot is. Right on the water. Amazing. Really quite ideal.

Then they came back to the house and we showed them around the old barn. It was a good afternoon.


We're now watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Great flick. Jeannette hasn't seen it. She hasn't seen any Paul Newman movies, a terrible oversight in her life to this point that must be rectified immediately. Paul Newman was the best. Cool Hand Luke? Love that movie.

I still have most of my writing to do yet today. But we have no plans tonight and will just be staying in. Then the Super Bowl tomorrow at my parents place.

Surely I have something more interesting to say than a mere relation of my schedule. ... Surely.

Or I don't and I'm just winging it. Sadly that is a much closer assessment of where we are today creatively I'm afraid. I was up late trying to straighten Hubble out. One of the down sides of his stay with my parents is his rather entitled attitude with sleeping in our bed. Not to mention the fact he hasn't been groomed in a while. He stinks to high heaven.

So I'm trying to break him of this new habit and keep him out of the bed at night. Unless of course he gets invited. Which is to say I follow a strict vampire code when it comes to dog training.

Last night didn't go so well. Between him whining to get back into the room and Jeannette making arguments on his behalf, I didn't get much sleep. She's soft hearted that one. All this little bastard has to do is look up at her and moan that pathetic little moan he does and she'd cut my throat in a heartbeat. I'm convinced of it.

So a little tired this afternoon. But reasonably confident I'll get something good down on paper this evening. And on that note I'll bail and get started. Have a good night guys. -mp