Day 031 "ahhhhh"

It's good to be home guys.

I'm sitting here, in what is quickly becoming my usual spot, in a rocking chair next to the fire, writing up a storm and enjoying every second of it.

Well, perhaps not a "storm" per se, as I'm still 'physically writing' in my note book with a pen; otherwise known these days, I suppose, as the "savage's tool". So with the inherent nature of the speed restraints put upon me by both physics and biology (and a lack of a short hand method as yet) we'll say I'm writing up a slight but persistent drizzle and move on.

And as you can see from the picture, that is what I'm dealing with while trying to write this blog. He always does this. Sits up on his hind legs like a dandy and paws at me until I play with him.


Okay, just chased him around the house with a stick and then reversed it. I'll go ahead and assume you don't need me to tell you that meant he then chased me. Good times. Now he's laying rather contentedly under Jeannette's feet as she makes dinner.

We're having lobster tonight. A late celebration that the show got picked up. I just put them both in the pot. The first one spasmed a little as he went in. Listen, I know that pains some of you to read, as it did for me to write. But trust me, I gave him a good verbal send off and made sure he knew that his sacrifice wasn't going to be in vain. I intended to work very hard tonight to use his energy to come up with some really good stuff.

And we move forward.

Today was mostly errands as we had to fill the house back up with food and get some other shit done. We had a nice visit with me ma at work. Didn't get to see her when we got in yesterday. We're going to head over there for the weekend to watch the Super Bowl. The Broncos are Jeannette's favorite team. My parents will see an entirely new side of her. Should be fun. ... Or our last time allowed at my parents place...

Hubble and I took a great little walk down the property again. I'm going to need some land at some point. It's too much fun to have right in the back yard. An actual forest. Okay, so the trees are rather spindly and somewhat pathetic. The kind you'd see a grizzly bear charge right through in a movie with, say, Anthony Hopkins.

But no disrespect. Yes I prefer the massive redwoods that they build tunnels for cars to drive through. Okay, sure, granted, they're incredible. But all trees have been around a while and seen some shit go down. All of them. Silent witnesses. To all manner of things; romantic, forbidden sexual type rendezvous in olden times - Fargo 'wood chipping' type situations - weird drunk-assed 'bar guy' peeing every Tuesday-Saturday night at 2:30am. Quite predictably, as a matter of fact, despite the otherwise unpredictable nature of the rest of his life.

Not to mention all the animal drama. Are you kidding me? The shit that goes on out in the woods at night. The assassinations and ninja-esque sneak up on and bite in half? The foxes that took down that massive wildawhateverbeast thing that time. The porcupines trying to forward their species without getting their throats slit by their love in the process. ..what twisted God...)

The infestations of that crazy zombie bug, that time, that almost fucking killed you. Tree. Do you remember that? Or that razor wire fence that cut into you for over half your life! Do you remember that goddamned fence?! Brutal!!

Oh yes my friends. Tress of any size are riddled with interest. So a forest, of some kind then. In my future backyard. And perhaps a smaller house of some design as well. Whether for guests, or for hens, .. will depend very much upon my ability to sell books. Which I'm cool with.

I'm guessing I'll have a hen house with its own guest house. Extra space for their friends rather than mine. I prefer to have everyone under one roof anyway. The animals, save perhaps Hubble, can remain outside.


We were just about half way through Argo when the movie skipped. This is the third time this has happened on our second video store in town. And by video store I don't mean the last rickety old Blockbuster on the planet, the one that smashed the big B on their sign so the cops and creditors couldn't find them to kick them out. I mean a convenience store that's trying to make money off the owners kid's shitty collection of DVD's. The con'video store. It's both convenient AND you're conned into thinking the movie you just rented will show you the movie from beginning to end.


I think Hubble ate one of the elastic lobster claw bands. Shitballs. No way to confirm it. Jeannette just tried to sell me on the fact she threw all four out. But she's suspect that one. I think she knows he swallowed one and is trying to calm me down regardless. However, given that he seems completely fine and I have no reason to believe he might have eaten it besides a slight waver of his eyes and an apparent gag a moment ago, there's mounting evidence I'm just being paranoid.

So this is my thing. Even now he's just sitting there, as below, only now scratching himself. He seems quite pleased with his lot in life I think.


I've been jumping in time on the entry today. We keep moving locations and activities. Which I'm cool with. Whether or not you will be.. we'll see. That's the good thing about typing this out on the phone. It's mobile and you can pick it up and write whenever and wherever you want.

Hmmmm. Perhaps I could give this a shot for the next couple days. See if I like it.

Or I'll forget I wrote it at all and write something else. I guess we'll see how well the memory techniques are working.

How convincing would it be for me to say I'm not using them in real time yet? As a pre-excuse for forgetting to try this tomorrow?

Tomorrow the memory stuff really gets kicked into gear. No more distractions. And no more Minecraft. I think it'll be too time consuming. For a nice relaxing game-type pastime I bought RockSmith for my PS3 and then a cheap guitar. Many people tell me it's the fastest way to learn. I doubt that. But I figure it's at the very least a good first step toward playing.

I went in the store and asked for Rock'Star'. He corrected me with RockSmith. Perhaps I should learn to play first before I go getting ahead of myself and starting a brand new career all over again.

I only just got here. -mp