Day 030 "Home"

Finally. Did the last little bit of the journey today and got home around 1:30 this afternoon.

So tired. But enjoying my brand new dog. It's pretty amazing actually. He's been staying at my parents place and has completely changed aspects of his demeanor. My parents have two very affection - if a bit needy - dogs, and Hubble has taken on many of their traits.

I think he's growing up. He's past the shit head stage of just staring at me like a sociopath whenever I call him on up on the couch. He seems to have entered an entirely new stage of life where he appears to at least tolerate that which is the most basic desire of all mobile life-forms; the enjoyment of a companion.

Whatever the reason it's nice to have a dog that doesn't feel like the first few days of a foster care situation where despite everyone's best intentions it's bound to be a little awkward and distant. Nice to have an animal finally seem to give a shit in my daily and quite genuine attempts to make him feel welcome in my home.

What a dick.

But getting better. He's yawning at me now. As he sits there. In front of the 220 year old living room fireplace that used to be real but now isn't because of modern building codes. And staring at me now. For no particular reason that I can fathom. Weirdo.

I know he's pissed that I've taken him away from his new pack. Or perhaps even more than that. The female ShihTzu haaaas gained a bit of weight and let her hair grow over the last coue of weeks. A sign perhaps that they'd settled down in my absence. Who knows what kind of evolutionary canine marriage vows took place while I was trying to survive the ice roads of Quebec?

So now we've got some kind of Shakespearian situation over here. I've taken him from his spouse and declared love and potential mate (who can say if he knows he's been fixed? Perhaps he thinks the incident was only surface) .. .. okay this could get ugly. I'm hoping it's still more of a brother sister thing between them, as they're both young and with all the people in the house they're never alone very often. Hoping Jersey is just hefty and a bit shaggy because it's winter and there's been too much snow for her to run around much.


Okay, I've calmed myself down. We should be all good. We've relocated and he's sleeping peacefully. If he was jerking his legs in his sleep I'd be concerned that he was dreaming of more vengeance, or perhaps a way to escape. But this looks more like the pleasant slumber of one who has no thoughts in his head to speak of at all.

He's a straight up provocateur. Style.

So yes, I'm tired, bit of a headache, but home. So many things to catch up on. So much shit to do. Just talked to Randal and got more information about the show. Mid March I believe. So lots to do before then with a good does of some rest before then. It's going to be a pretty wild couple of months. And I don't mean "wild" in the "party" sense at all. I mean it in the "who knows what kind of shit they'll have me do in season 2" kind of sense.

In season one I wore tight an 80's rocker outfit with gold spandex, a nurses costume while squeezing out a wet sponge all over myself (quite sensually, if I do say so myself) and got to make out with Pamela Denise Anderson so yes, wildness. And I'm looking forward to diving in.

* And in the interests of full disclosure her again I should further say that by "make out with Pam" I of course mean lip kiss.., very tamely and respectfully - as one should always do when at work.

Okay. Wrists done. Brain don'er. Sleepy time. .. After 1.5 ... of what will likely be nonsense again tonight. Brain empty. -mp