Day 028 "Road Warrior"

I don't believe seven hours on the road makes one an actual 'road warrior', but I'll leave the title as it is, if for no other reason than to make myself feel a bit better after a very long day.

The good news is, the contract for Package Deal was done today. I got word as we were leaving the hotel this morning. Well, my deal anyway. Can't speak for anyone else. But it was a good way to start the day. And a major relief overall. Finally.

After more than a year since taking off those Ryan White glasses it appears I will be putting them back on in March. Not that it'll be a big change from the glasses I wear now. In the time it took to get another season of the show my eyes deteriorated rather significantly.

I must say, it's good to have it over and done with. I can finally start focusing on getting back into the swing of the show instead of all the wondering and questioning and frustration of whether or not it was going to happen. I won't have to worry about much until the scripts start coming in, but we have lots to do in the meantime so it'll be nice to be able to focus on all that.

We know where we'll be in a couple months. Which is a big load off the mind.

I'd let it all go months ago. Really and truly. At one point I honestly didn't care. I'd fully turned my back on LA, the acting world, and even standup comedy and made the transition to writing. Of course, it takes some time to make that transition a reality - insert the details of the last five months here - but the switch was clicked in my head which means it's done. To back up that point, I am currently driving back to NS with Jeannette where we'll be settling down and starting a new life. That was the plan long before we'd heard about the possibility of the show coming back after our contracts expired back in the summer. And that's still the plan. Despite what some people seem to think about the seriousness of that rather sudden decision; made last year.

I'm not saying I was completely turning my back altogether on my old pursuits, but certainly on some of them. And even if I do get back into it again, it will be on very different terms.

But after all that it looks like we'll be heading back to Vancouver for a few months, and I have to say, I'm actually quite excited. I do care about the show. I care about the people on the show, and am looking forward to seeing and working with all of them again. I have a feeling it will be a vastly different experience this time around, but a good one nonetheless. It will be a couple of months and more where I won't be able to write all that much, not with the proposed shooting schedule. But it'll be put on hold so that I can dive back in to an incredibly fun and satisfying creative process of a completely different kind. And the stress I felt last season will be all but gone. I know what the deal is this time around, and I know what my own process is. So the feeling out period is over. This time I can just really enjoy myself.

And then we'll come back to NS and buy a house and that'll be it for a good long time. We'll travel at some point, I have no doubt. But not for a while. I think we'll both need a rest. Well, for me it'll be work on the book, which even now, after seven hours on the road and a back that is screaming to be walked on by a tiny little Thai woman with magical feet, I'll work on for the minimum hour and a half.

Kill me now.

We're staying at a great B&B tonight. The tour was lacking a little due to the darkness of the hour when we arrived but if we're ever driving through here again (not likely) we'll be sure to stop in again. It's beautiful.

The drive was much better than it was yesterday but we're both pretty zonked. Of course it wouldn't take much to surpass yesterday's experience. No accidents today. No cars off the road. It was a clear drive most of the way, until we got to the outskirts of Quebec. The roads there were shit and narrow and it was dark and I was already tired. So that was rather unpleasant.

But we made it and we're here now and we'll sleep and then get up at 6:30 and do it all over again tomorrow.

This feels like a discombobulated entry. But then, so am I. So I suppose it's a fitting reflection of the current state of the organism! Which is the whole point of this blog in the first place.

Okay, I'll stop there and say good night. I can't imagine I'll come up with much tonight for the book. But something is better than nothing. Unless you're an atheist. -mp

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