Day 024 "Donzo"

Well we're finally ready to head back to Nova Scotia.

The car nonsense is all done. We are now insured and protected should I decide to ram the front end of the CRV through the front window of a McDonalds at any point along the way home.

Calm down, I'm only joking. The only thing that would get me inside that particular establishment would be if I was going to visit my niece who currently works there. What can I say, I enjoy seeing her in a uniform of any kind and having her be required to serve me food with a smile. Which is the only way that will happen. She's feisty that one.

So we finished all that and then I basically ran out of gas at around 3:30. Got home and crashed. No energy. None. Zero. I'm all out. I slept for a good three hours and am still tired. Throat is getting sore. Something is attacking me from the inside.

Which isn't surprising. It's been quite a week. It's hard to avoid stress sometimes, no matter how hard you try. And the more you succumb to it the more it seems to pile up. It's a little like a crack in a dam. One second you're trying to slap a piece of chewing gum on it and the next the whole town is under water and you've got fish swimming through your favorite pub.

I read some Joseph Campbell today which always helps. I find I can just jump into his work like a bible. Doesn't really matter what part you pick up. Something always resonates. So there I sat, reading on my phone, while waiting around for Jeannette at the Ministry of Transportation.

He was quite a man, Joseph Campbell. I wish if had a chance to meet him. But it's enough that I've found his writing. That's the beautiful thing about the printing press. Thanks Guttenburg!

I first read him when I was leaving high school and going out into the world on my own. The "Following your Bliss" aspect of his thinking really hit home at that point. And then again, earlier this year, when I decided to come back home.

Interesting timing.

So that little bit of reading helped. The nap helped even more. And then I got to work on some of the memory stuff. It's not easy kids, but the fruit is worth the labor. I'm into my third book on the subject but haven't been able to work on it as much as I'd like the last little while. So I'm absorbing concepts, testing them, and them moving on. As I said, things have been a little crazy. But I'm hoping to really structure a daily system soon so I can lock this stuff in.

Thought of some good stuff for the book on a drive today. I was alone and it was cold so I didn't mind letting the mind wander on it a big. Its good that I'm working on it daily as it's a lot to keep straight. I have a significant amount of material floating around in my head and still haven't been able to get an organization system I like. I'll get there, I have no doubt. Especially once we're settled and things calm down. Who knows, I may actually go back to a paper system. Then move it into the computer. Not sure. We'll see.

Do things ever calm down? I'm just wondering. I think they do, as I can remember entire years of my life spent doing very little on a daily basis. I was such a lazy bastard!! That's the time acting and standup affords you, priminions. Shoot a couple of commercials a year, get on stage an hour a night a handful of weeks a year or more and you too can live like a schlup: In a state of reasonable comfort with ample time to do dick all.

So I'm guessing I'll be afforded that same amount of time soon. But I'll be much more productive with it. Trust me. Consumption and creation. A good balance of those two actions in all their various forms and it'll lead to a healthy life. I'm confident of this.

But now I think I'll have to go consume something warm for my throat and then try to create some more outline for my book. But if I can't, at the very least I will go upstairs and create a nice nest in which I will hibernate until we head back next week.

Who needs a weekend anyway? -mp