Day 023 "Back To Basics"

I don't mean to brag, but I spent a long time in Costco today.

These are the types of things you get up to when you're on a TV show guys. Oh man. So glamorous. I hate to throw it in your face when you were kind enough to stop by and see what I was up to today, but yes, I was in Costco.

Then I went to Walmart.

Oh man, add insult to injury why don't you. You just drop one bomb and then follow it up with a laser beam to the face. Costco AND Walmart, you say?

Look, calm down over there in readership land. I stayed in the car at Walmart while Jeannette and her mom went inside. So I didn't even go in. I couldn't. Not after all the excitement I experienced over at the "Cost".

That's my nickname for it. I might be an elite member. Just sayin'. No big deal.

Then we had another meeting with my accountant. Then I ate a rather forgettable Mac & Cheese at Montana's (one of the poorer choices of the day) Then I put some pajama pants on and tore into a whole chicken with my hands.

Yep, we got back to the basics today kids. Did a bunch of shit that had to be done. Got back to basics. Bought some toilet paper. Bit of Kleenex. There might have been some clementines added to the list for good measure. Some lotion maybe: okay, get your mind out of the gutter, the lotion was bought due to how hard the water is over here in Ottawa. It's tough on the skin! And makes it very difficult to masturbate. Wait... what?..

And now I'm doing my due diligence and saying hello, digitally, to whoever happens to be reading. Typing away from the comfort of a very nice couch, in a living room that is still not my own, but that I have been made to feel very at home within. Good times. (Shit, still have to call Rob B.)

Interesting that, when I think about it. Who reads this bloody thing? I have really no way of knowing. Perhaps if I was a hacker or something I could scour the Internet, track down all your IP addresses, (is that what they're called?) and find out each and every reader who's taking these ramblings into their brain meat.

But that's part of the fun too I suppose. Not knowing. Just writing. Just typing shit out with these opposable thumbs of mine (bragging again) and seeing if anyone relates or cares or finds any of it remotely worth reading.

Call it a lengthy tweet. But one that has to be searched for instead of having it pop up on some prompt built into your phone. I like that aspect of it actually. I always hated getting prompted to watch or read something by someone. Facebook isn't for me. Twitter too, I'm finding, isn't necessarily my thing. I just find it all too distracting.

The great devourers of ~time.

One second you're reading or writing something on Twitter and the next thing you know it's five hours later and your dog has taken a shit all over the floor. Anyone else?

I don't surf the Internet much at all anymore. I've got Flipboard on my phone which is a good app I use when I'm standing in line. I check that out in the morning and read up on news. Can you believe Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI and drag racing. He just seemed so down to Earth and well adjusted to me. Strange.

Mostly though, I just use my phone to read up on things science and tech related and store it in a file for book research.

When we're not running around, which is a lot these days as we struggle to get settled, I'll jump into the memory stuff and try to get some forward movement on that. I'm telling you, I think it'll work great for memorizing lines. Which, granted, isn't going to help me much in the long term, but I'm hoping will come in handy over the next year or so. REALLY hoping.

The show is still pending for us cast members, but I'm reasonably confident something will get done soon. Just in case you care. And as stated, I have no idea if you do. Maybe you just read this because you like the font I've chosen and don't care too much what I talk about day to day.

But yes, the wheels are turning everyone. Honestly. After months and more of hoping and praying - well, I'm assuming someone is praying, though it's not my style per se - I'm quite certain I even heard a "creek" in one of those wheels earlier this week. Might have heard a bit of a "squeal". So who knows, one more little "squeak" and the wagon full of jokes will pop out of the mud and we'll all be off and running!

I spoke to the boys on the show today and had a good long talk. Shit they make me laugh. In fact, that's what I was doing in Costco while Jeannette was running around getting everything.

Hmmm, come to think of it, I really wasn't much help to her at all today. Sat in the car at The Great Wal of China and yapped on the phone at the "Cost". sec...

There, just apologized. All good. She just looked at me like a crazy person anyway. She knew I had a lot on the old noggin! She's a good girl, this one. Very supportive.

So yes, hope to have some good news soon. Mostly though, I've been thinking about the book. I hit a snag last night for the first time since getting here and breaking it all down. Paced around for a bit trying to figure it out. Ate a banana, which, for a primate is always a good move to get the brain matter pumping. Gets you back to basics. Little tip there. And then ended up working on some other shit I do have figured out. Then I thought about it more today and think I have it figured out.

I'm trying not to do this actually. Thinking about it only when I'm not actually sitting down to work. I prefer working only when I'm working and keeping my mind in the moment wherever I am, but it's tough sometimes. My mind has wandered if I'm not being spoken to ever since I was a kid, so the pattern is there and it runs deep.

Presence of mind.

Yeesh. Easy to say, very difficult to achieve. For me anyway. But the process is a worthwhile one to keep chopping away at. Speaking of which, it's been longer than the 30 minute minimum and my thumbs are those opposable thumbs I went and threw in your face like a braggart are now throbbing.

So I'll say goodnight. And once again, thanks for checking in. The blog entries won't always be something you're into, I'm sure. But I will continue to write it for as long as I'm able and around. -mp

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