Day 020 "Early Bird"

Look at me being all proactive today and writing the entry at the crack of noon like some kind of gladiator.

I'm doing it for selfish reasons so don't go getting all congratulatory yet. We have another evening of festivities planned and I'd rather not have to write again at 2am.

So here we are. At noon. With very little to report. But a half hour to kill. And I intend to murder it with a garrote wire, from behind, like a ninja... Or a coward. All depends on what you're wearing I suppose.

Funny that ninjas weren't considered cowards. By a lot of people's code of conduct, especially in the warrior realm, that's exactly what they would be. Sneaking up in their black pajamas and slitting your throat from behind.

"What, you can't walk up to me and throw a ninja star in my face, like a man?" Someone has surely yelled into the dark, at some point in history, as the poison dart began to paralyze them.

So there we go. Just a few minutes in and we've already established that ninjas are all cowardly pussies.

Suck on that Japan.

Wow, someone woke up ornery this morning. Perhaps it's because I re-chipped my tooth on a bagel this morning. Yep. That happened. How does one chip a tooth on a bagel, you ask? Well it's not easy. Step one is to toast it REALLY well. Step two is to have a pre-existing chip that was apparently only temporarily fixed. I should have been more clear at the dentists office two years ago.

"Hey, can you make sure this cap is bagel proof?"

So that's my fault right there. Hardly the dentists fault. They probably make it jelly and butter proof on their own, without any special requests. I bet they go into the procedure making sure it'll be good for chewing things like milk and yogurt and the odd bit of pudding (unless there's that little bit of soft crust on the top if you leave it out for a minute - no guarantees there, you're on your own) and maybe even cereal, though it's likely also specified in the waiver you sign that if you eat Cap't Crunch there are no guarantees for you whatsoever. In fact, your tooth may well just explode. You're such a renegade.

So this is likely my fault. And as such I take full responsibility. The problem is that it's one of my lower front teeth; otherwise known as my tongue pillow. So that's going to be irritating... all the time. Even now, as I sit here in a lazy boy recliner in Ottawa, with Jeannette laying next to me trying not to throw up - she's not feeling well today - I'm worrying at it with my tongue. Which is the mouth equivalent of sitting upright in bed and bashing the shit out of your pillow to try to make it more comfortable.

Is there a cold side of the tooth? I wonder. How far does that analogy actually go??

So I'll have to have it looked at when I get back to NS. I only hope I remember to specify that I'd like to actually be able to eat solid foods this time around. And that I'd like it to last a little longer than two years.

But who knows? Perhaps that technology is currently unavailable in the dental realm. Sure we're putting rovers on Mars and building robots that kick ass at chess, but when it comes to the mouth maybe we're only a few steps past wooden teeth and hammers.

Who can say?

Aside from that it should be a good day. We're alone right now. Which is nice. And somewhat rare these days. I'm still waiting to hear about the show - have I mentioned that at all? (Sarc) - though given the email I received from one of the producers last night there should be SOME movement on that approaching. I have no idea how "speedily" the news will approach, whether it will be like a cheetah or more in line with its prior spirit animal, the anesthetized sloth.

But something should give soon. We are supposed to be on set in just over a month after all.

*text removed due to breach of prime directive.

So that's where that is. Call me old fashioned but I still like to be wooed a little. You know? Especially after the effort we all put in the last time. A couple of nice phone calls. Some back and forth. Little respect sprinkled in with some reasonable communication. You know, courtship. It's how every strong relationship endures.

I'm less than engaged with the process this time around, as I'm pretty checked out of that side of the business I think. If I do do something other than the writing at some point in the future it will maybe be a show that I create, and maybe shoot back in NS. Which may never happen, mind you!!! - these things are remarkably difficult to get off the ground anyway, as you may or may not know - and that's cool. No expectations or entitlement over here. Just a reasonable level of confidence in my abilities at this point and some pretty solid connections with some people who are good at making such things happen.

But the writing, ahhh, the writing. The sweet science. The book guys. It's my love now. My baby. My life's work. It gives purpose to my every day and fuels my desire to read and research and better this sack of grey meat in my skull. It's what I've always wanted to do and now have both the discipline and ability to do, and do well.

So that's my future, for as long as I have one, on this big round ball of rock and magma. That and family.

Don't get me wrong, a second season of Package Deal would be grand! As I've said before, I adore the cast and crew and would love to go back. I would do three seasons I I could. And maybe a sixth. But not a fourth and fifth, can't stand those numbers. I just hope they're not all shocked and dismayed if that doesn't happen.

The dragon was slain months ago. What remains of what I do in this world will be my decision entirely. And I will make such decisions as I see fit. -mp