Day 019 "Football"

Big day of football today.

I don't much care about the game to be honest. My passion was always focused on hockey, but even now that has gone away. But it's fun to get together with a bunch of people and watch.

My favorite part of the game is listening to the snippets of conversation. "It's going to be a blowout," someone said confidently, "I have a bad feeling."

I love that one. "Ohhhh, you had a feeling! And a bad one no less! Well then someone call Vegas! Put my car and house on the line. Ask if they accept kids. My son has very good muscle structure."

Another great one is, "This game is in the bag." Someone else, "Don't say that, you'll jinx it."

Jinx it? What year is it? Where are we? Does anyone still blame fairies in the garden for that lost sock in the drier? Do we honestly still believe that what a drunken Broncos fan says at the end of the bar, as he shoves week old pretzels into his face is going to have any affect on a game happening thousands of miles away? Forget ridiculous, how arrogant is that?

"Hey everybody, I control the outcome of this billion dollar game in case you were all wondering. If I don't scratch my nuts every time they snap the ball - with my left hand mind you - they have no chance of winning," says the lunatic in the parking lot of the Boston Pizza.

This is why I literally couldn't watch Silver Linings Playbook. Robert Deniro's character drove me mental. The idea that a grown man could be that ridiculously superstitious made me nauseous. I literally couldn't watch. Ruined the movie for me. That he could be spewing idiocy like that, and his SON had the issues?? Yeesh.

It's fine to joke around during the game. I get that you wanna wear your jersey as part of your tradition of game watching. It's ok to get worked up as well, I suppose. You've been a fan for a while. You've put a lot of hope and expectation into that random symbol on the chest of those strangers. You've spent hours arguing on their behalf.

I mean, I get it, I've been there. I threw a chair when Sidney Crosby scored the OT winner against the Americans in the last Olympics. But to get angry or think that what you're doing, right there, in your living room, with those lucky hot wings, has any bearing on the result of the game is asinine. No offense.

Not that I really care if you are offended. In fact, feel free to defend your position as a "cosmic, sports game, outcome influencer". I'd very much love to hear your perspective on this grave matter.

It's amazing how big football is in particular. And a little terrifying. I was watching the movie Gladiator last night and found it to be eerily reminiscent. Fans don't seem to care about the negative aspects of the game at all. Or if they do it doesn't make an appearance in any conversation I've heard.

The concussions. The rise in violent offenders who play the game. The amount of money tax payers shell out in the form of tax credits (etc) to the owners. It's a far cry from having tigers unleashed on the field and seventeen men in chariots impaling people with spears, but... come on.

I'm not trying to shit on the parade or anything guys, really, but it's one hell of a distraction from more important things that are going on. Which I suppose is the hook. The distraction factor.

Ha! I sound like an old woman! And I totally realize it. But I can't help it. I think this way now. Which is a far cry from how I used to think. And as you know, I am a self described "mouthy" primate. So I'll always tell you what I think. Popular or not.

It's amazing the emotion that goes into sport, from a fan perspective. I remember watching the World Jr. hockey gold medal game a bunch of years ago, Canada vs the US, with my dad and my roommate. When the Canadian goalie (MAF) put the puck into his own net to lose the game my roommate swore, got up off the couch, left, and didn't return for three days.

He's a cop now.

I understand there is a lot that goes into the draw and passion of sport from the fan perspective. The nationalism, the return of a trend of social tribalism and blah, blah, blah. But at the end of the day it's men throwing, kicking, or "sticking" a ball around.

That's it.

That's all that's going on.

Is it fun to watch? Of course! We were all kids once and most of us played these games. It's reasonable to enjoy watching particularly gifted human specimens who physically excel at these same games.

Not to mention the fact sports teach all kinds of very positive lessons. I grew up playing hockey so I know this first hand. You learn how to work together as a team. You learn what you're capable of when physically tested against your peers. You find out what you're made of under pressure.

These are all skills I've used in life to my betterment. But wow. Have we taken these games to a ridiculous level of importance. It's a topic much bigger than a single entry, and I really only meant to discuss the superstitious aspect of sports, given what I heard today, but perhaps the two are linked. Who can say?

But you know that team, that plays for that city you're from, that you'd punch a wall to have win the championship? You know a total of zero players are actually from that same city right? Or maybe there's one or two. Just saying.

Not that any of this is a big deal or anything. I don't lose sleep over this shit. Just some observations by a random person in a random city, in a world full of billions of others. So don't let me dampen the mood of a particularly big win by your team today. I just call it as I see it. And I don't think it's an altogether good direction were heading in sports wise.

Call it a "bad" feeling. -mp