Day 016 "Capital"

Writing this one a little earlier today. I can feel the fatigue of travel settling in and I know that if I wait and write this tonight I'll be kicking myself.

So hello from Ottawa.

I'm not complaining about the length of travel. NS to Ottawa can hardly be compared to the trek from LA, but we didn't sleep a lot last night. Thus, fatigue.

We got in today pretty easily, without any major hassles; aside from the general indignities of travel these days. Security bullshit being what it is and all. Questionable airport food. You know how it goes.

But we're here now. Currently watching "Of Mice And Men" with Jeannette's mom. Sitting on a nice warm couch in comfy sweats waiting to eat.

It's good to be here.

So it'll be a quiet night in tonight with no wood stoves, no pretend furniture, no freezing temps and best of all no "actual" mice, other than the dead ones in the movie.

I caught two actual mice at the old barn last night - and by old barn I mean the house we're renting. The nickname suits it I think. Until some other annoyance causes me to give it another one.

Two mice, which brings the total up to three. And counting. No more dicking around. I'll clear the house of mice and them move on to the mythical black panther that's roaming around town. Or inside our caretakers mind. Either way, I'm taking care of it. The hunter hunts.

So the next few days will be pretty chill by all accounts. I should get some solid writing done. The great no laptop adventure begins today. So far so good. I don't think ill really miss it too much to be honest. Pretty confident the pen and paper will suffice. I guess we'll see.

Uh oh, Lenny just got a look at a pretty brunette. Gary Sinese seems pretty upset about it which means that's not going to end well. How do I not know this story at all?? Somehow slipped through the cracks of my schooling I suppose.

Okay, that's enough thumb work for tonight. I think I'll settle in and watch this, satisfied that the only mouse that'll get killed tonight is whichever one goes near John Malckovitch.