Day 015 "Unplugging"

Well here we go. Ladies and gentlemen. One and all. I'm going dark tomorrow. For an unknown-but-likely-up-to-six-day period. No computer. Whatsoever.

So nothing will change for you. You resilient folks who continue to follow these accursedly shortened entries. Loyalty abounds among you few:..

..and by few I mean millions and billions..

..well, perhaps not billions, but millions and thousands surely! If you count the various identities we all have. Which I do. So for every you who is reading this I will add all the the avatars you game with, the fake Facebook pages you troll with (no judgement)),the handles and whosamawhatchits you all have, in addition to just your Chrismusluchuspagatheism given name. Which is to say the name your parents gave you..

..anyway, to you resilient ones nothing will change. There will still be no clever - or simply pleasant - pieces of art work accompanying the entries. and they'll be somewhat shorter due to my dear fragile thumbs. But I know you'll all somehow slog through.

My appreciation, as ever, abounds.

Tomorrow I head out into the concrete wilderness of Canada once again, back to Ottawa, where I will be picking up a car and driving it back. From Ottawa to Nova Scotia. In January.. because my mother wore slippery gloves when I was a baby..

Such is the life of the Canadian TV actor. Winter road trip to pick up a car with my "girlfriend". Gloriousness!

I'm actually quite looking forward to it. A road trip, of a sort, with Jeannette should prove pretty entertaining I think. If only for the benefit of that occasional high pitched shriek she lets out when she's outside shivering and remembers we were living in LA just a couple months ago. The benefit in that it never fails to shatter any ice in the general vicinity, which is quite visually appealing.

So we're going on a trip. And I am not bringing my ever present companion. The laptop stays. Terrifying but I think I can do it.

The writing will get done, don't worry yourself with that little detail. I haven't missed a day of book work yet, though many have been minimums. But some good work is now accumulating. And the last few nights in particular have been very creative.

I think it's got a lot to do with just digging in to the rustic thing and doing the best we can with it. I've been able to focus on what I'm back here to do. I'll be sad if I don't have some kind of fireplace in the new place, when we get one - it appears everyone has their contract for PD but the cast, so we'll see! - I really enjoy burning wood. A simple thing.

Perhaps it's merely as a result of some misguided hope that squatting in front of it will help fill out my beard. Who can say?

*I hate that I have to point out the self deprecating nature of that last comment, but a lot of you don't know me, and thus can't know that I have never been able to grow one. Not a good one anyway.

It's plagued me for years. There are clips on YouTube. I'll let you look.

..back to the entry.

Trees in the Annapolis valley beware. I like burning wood. I may be approaching you with a chainsaw soon.

But don't worry, I promise to produce your weight in gold with digitally fictionized stories.

*although to you that's probably a bit of a rip off given that computers stole all the glory of that job. Instead of having creativity covering your thinly sliced, and occasionally lined bark, you're back to being tossed into a 220 year old oven.

Well I'm hoping this recent trip, and purchase of two very sweet leather bound books, will put your mind - should you have one in any capacity - at rest.

But if it doesn't I will avenge you!


Without actually harming myself..

So Ottawa tomorrow. Writing in a nice new leather bound book as mentioned. Sweet, simple, stationary. And the discipline to fill it. This road trip will be fun. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.

Oh, and I started simplifying my handwriting so that Ill last longer.

Yes.. that read weird to me too. -mp