Day 014 "Quiet Day"

Here's the thing about living in a 220 year old house in the middle of nowhere with no Internet, no cable, and currently, no car.

Things get pretty quiet.

Aside from a flaming piece of wood falling out of the stove and into the kitchen it was a rather uneventful day.

No harm during that mishap thankfully, as there's a metal plate that caught it and Jeannette was there to deal with it. And by "deal with it" I mean yell like a shrieking banshee for me. So I ran down and got it back in there easy as pie. Note: I may or may not have been scantly clad at the time.

Such is the nature of an emergency.

I did take Hubble on a walk all the way down the trail that runs through the property. It was pretty rainy and miserable but we caught a rare window in the inclement weather and had a good time exploring. I did fall out on the marsh while we were walking toward the water. The tide was way out so I thought it would be fun to go for a little hike.

That ruins my streak of not falling on ice. The last time was years ago. I can't remember the date anymore so perhaps that's why it happened again. Gives me a fresh start and a new date.

January 14, 2013: Fell in marsh getting mud all over me and my new headphones as Hubble stood there mocking me silently.

How does one "mock silently"? You'll have to ask him. Or just do something clumsy around him and then take a look at his face. The mockery is there. Oh, it's there all right.

Went home, wiped him down for a while on the porch before releasing him back into the house and then sat down and worked on the memory stuff while Jeannette cooked up a storm.

I'm back to ploughing away on the 100 PAO's (person, action, object). I wasn't satisfied with my first attempt, despite successful experiments. Something wasn't rubbing me the right way so I switched it up. Talked it through with Jeannette (she humors me endlessly, this one) and then made a list of 150 names that I'll either add some more to, or just pare down to 100 from there.

The Minecraft has taken a backseat due to the Internet issues. And also due to the fact that I got ambitious in the game the other night after adding another full level to the memory palace I was building and decided to fly around and get a look at just how big the virtual world was.

I got utterly lost in about five minutes. For the next half hour I was a boxy little avatar God flying around the world he simulated, unable to find his home.

And then it started to rain.

If I've painted a sufficiently sad picture for you them I've adequately communicated the experience.

Sad on so many levels really. My age. The age range of the game. The purposes I'm trying to use it for. ... I could go on. But I've emasculated myself enough for one night I think.

It is nice to see that my brain, in its current dysfunctional state, works as poorly with navigation in the virtual world as it does in the real one.

I sought guidance from my Minecraft guru (my 10 year old nephew) and he just shook his blond mop of hair and said "I warned you!" Have you been scolded by a ten year old over video game etiquette before? It's quite a thing.

And he did: warn me that is. He built me a portal the other night that took me to a netherworld and as soon as I started walking around exclaiming "this is where I'll build my palace for Sar!" (A character in my book series.. of which there are still zero books to date) he said to be careful not to get lost.

So I'll get back to that at some point. Given my experiments with it so far I'm reasonably confident it will work. In fact, I know it will. And the game itself is quite relaxing. A nice checkout from the writing and other work that still lends itself to the master plan. It's also pure creation. You just build things. Out of nothing.

There's a survival mode with zombies and all that but I'm not into all that stuff. Just like being an architect with no actual people to worry about when my creations don't work out.

I should mention that I'm currently sitting at a physiotherapy/massage clinic with my mom. Jeannette now has back issues. Honestly, what the hell is going on? Are they contagious? She was in all kinds of discomfort last night and today. Hopefully this gives her some relief. We have a plane to catch on Thursday. Not a long trip but still, planes are brutal when you have a bad back.

So that's it. A few minutes away from the 30 min minimum, which is what these will be whenever I have to write it out on a phone. Honestly, thumbs are great and all, but I'm eager to getting back to having them be responsible for nothing but the spacebar. This is too much to ask of them.

Another quiet day tomorrow. And I'm really looking forward to it. Have a great night guys! -mp