Day 011 'Lameness'

Well I'm back in good ol' Canning.

Which would be an utterly spectacular place to find myself in, were it not for the fact I'm still and currently without the modern comforts I've grown so accustomed to here at ... location to be named later. Like my Internet and ability to add a picture to this particular entry. Annoying!

Not that this affects my overall mood in the least. Not at all. I'm having a rather lovely evening, actually, after a rather unpleasant start to the day.

Nothing serious. Just a miscommunication of sorts that was not between Jeannette and I, which is to say, not at all that serious.

Which is to also say, I suppose, that fights with other people are never going to be as severe as one with Jeannette, due to the fact that I don't climb into bed at night with any of them. Life is very simple when you make it that way.

As always, due to my generally stated code of conduct I'll not divulge the details of events with people I continue to want in my life in some capacity - or would just generally not feel the need to upset. So I'll keep the details out.

As I was saying, due to the stated state of my technological environment, and the fact I'm forced to type this out on my phone, I'm only going to be writing a short entry tonight.

And despite the ever so fantastical screen letters I'm using on this incredible piece of tech, allowing me to tap and not push, my rather delicate meat digits get ever so tired.

Not to mention my old, dry eyes.

I say "dry" only because I'm typing this little thought bottle in front of an open, roaring fire.

Note: If you need to picture me with a tiger coat draped around my naked-esque, skinsuited frame (Walmart nylon, not real - the tiger I speak of, not the skin suit..) as I lean rather wantonly in front of the open flame, that is, of course, your prerogative.

As the great Bobby Brown has said far more articulately than I.

But the truth, I'm afraid, is rather less memorable.

I'm just sitting here, with Jeannette's socks on my feet, writing with my computer as it sits on a stool and I sit across from it on a chair made for a five year old. Maybe a two year old these days. Kids are getting bigger and bigger.

*We get bigger every generation, on average, was all I was saying there. You know, taller. Sheesh.

But it's going very well! Was what I was intending to tell you, in this shortified entry. I'm very excited. A lot of things came together tonight. A LOT of things. I pitched it all to Jeannette and she really liked it. So I'm confident. Well, I'm confident anyway. I'm pleased she enjoyed it.

I'm going to go write some more now, as already my fingers are growing weary! Such is the endurance of the author. At least one with no book. As yet. Perhaps once I am published my thumbs will dance across this phone like the fingers of a pianist across his latest concubine.

You thought I'd say piano? Hardly.

Those sly bastards are far more known for their skillful promiscuity. And on that note, I bid you all good night. -mp