...to the "New Years Resolution"/ themed first day of the daily blog!

The reason this is just a welcome, instead of the actual Day 1 Entry is because I won't be publishing what I wrote today. It's very hush, hush, and top secret-like given that it has to do with both the book AND the blog and, well... Nevermind.

I promise Ill publish it at some point in the future. Just not today. Perhaps on the last day of the blog. Yes. The first entry revealed on the last one. I like it. Done.

Also, before I go, I've come up with my new rules (self-imposed & agreed upon) for this year, and I will post them as soon as I have an Internet connection and time enough with it to update the site to the new theme.

As a kickoff to this year I'm featuring a picture of a scene that will likely play out a lot in the coming months:

Me trying to write my first book while Hubble sits back on his hind legs like a dandy and begs to be set free in the wild lands of his homeland, somewhere in northern China.


And so we'll begin you and I, my loyal friends and priminions, on the morrow. With a full regaling of the many events that unfolded over this first holiday season back on native soil - in the woods - among the tigers and black panthers.

Very happy to be back at it. Holidays are overrated. -mp