Day 164 / Meego Hibernation


Day 2 of minimal contact with the outside world. 

I say minimal because I had to talk to a bunch of strangers on the phone today regarding severed ties with the country I've recently abandoned. Beyond that I really haven't had any contact at all. Although, in retrospect, one wonders if speaking to an AT&T employee even technically constitutes 'contact' with the outside; in the same way I'm not sure I would say speaking to a robot would 'technically' count as speaking to someone

I say that only partially in jest. 

It's amazing to me how difficult it is to communicate with some of these people on the phone. The voices on the other end of the line sound human enough, sure, and they respond quickly to what I say; if not to the actual content of what I'm saying. I'm not sure Alan Turing would be able to distinguish any of them from a machine were he around today to try and cancel his U-verse contract. (Something I already did once by the way) 

It seems to be the strategy with most of these big corporate employees when you get them on the phone. They take the first opportunity to slip into the reading of some kind of manual, regardless of what you're trying to talk to them about. It's like interviewing a professional athlete. Doesn't really matter what question you ask them, they just end up giving you an answer to something else they've thought of as you're talking.  

But why waste both our time reliving such encounters when my brain has already begun the process of flushing it all away?  

Suffice it to say.. I'm still in my pajama bottoms. 

And I have no shame about it!

My back is still sore but I think it's on the mend. Maybe. Perhaps. I hope. My strategy is to just sit here until we have to fly back and let my muscles completely atrophy so that I can just start up all over again. I'm no doctor, but that strategy sounds utterly reasonable. I'll arrive in Nova Scotia, presumably being rolled off the plane in a wheelbarrow by Jeannette and then begin the process of building my body back up to where it needs to be: Matrix style!

I think that's a solid decision. Though at this rate I won't even be able to get myself out of bed and into the plush, comfy chair soon. I'm wasting away my friends! I can feel it!

It's not nearly as dramatic as all that, but it's sure starting to feel that way. I might actually go for a long walk tonight. Thankfully I know Toronto at least well enough that I would be pretty hard pressed to get lost here. I don't put it past myself of course, but at least there are far fewer snow banks around for me to fall into and freeze to death. And cabs are all over the place. 

In fact, now that I think about it, I think a walk is entirely necessary. I need some fresh air. 

I think I'll be getting together with some old friends tomorrow. Jeannette has some other plans for us starting Friday I think, so at least I'll be forced out of this apartment by then. I'm looking forward to it actually. Though I will say the last couple of days were necessary. I needed a rest. 

Travel… blech. I've over it. Once we dig into a house in Nova Scotia it'll take a lot to get me out of the province again. Not for a while. 

Tonight I'll be getting all my writing in order. The outline for the series is just sitting here, on this infernal computer, waiting to get organized. If I'm not going to be writing right now I'm going to at least force myself to get reorganized so that when I do get back to NS and sit down to write I'll have all my ducks in order. 

I'm not planning on diving in again until after the holidays. I'll keep working on the organization, as I slowly start to reacquaint myself with everything I've come up with to this point. But I'm shooting a Christmas video with the kids again this year, which will take up most of my time until the big day. 

This is something I started doing about ten years ago when I got my first camera and wanted to teach myself how to use it. I would grab whatever nieces and nephews were in existence at that  point, throw them in front of the camera in some ridiculous costume and tell them to say some lines. Then I'd edit it all together and we'd have a viewing party with the family. 

There have been three such movies to date. 

I fully underestimated how excited kids get about watching themselves on TV. The last movie we did, which was around 20 minutes long and had special effects, has been watched more by those kids than the sum total of all my comedy content online. The DVD's are pretty much all worn out. And since it's been about seven years since the last one, and the kids are all much older, I figured it would be a good time to shoot something new. 

I have a new camera on its way. Another professional actor at my disposal (Jeannette) and much more experience. This should be a good one. 

I'll have to hit the ground running when I get home. We fly in on the 13th which only gives me 12 days to shoot an entire movie and then edit it. But I've outlined it already and we only ever use the thinest possible script so we should be good to go.

I'm also excited for the camera to come because I've decided to get into photography a little. Just a hobby of course, nothing fancy. But if I'm going for long walks outside back home, why not take a good camera and start taking some shots? I've always wanted to dabble in it and now I can.. so I will. 

Well, that's it for tonight I think. I've been Journalizing a lot lately but my mind hasn't been settled enough to do much in the way of any real thinking. But such is life dear friends and priminions. The trick is to not force it and make the best of whatever situation you're in. As Bruce Lee once said, 'one must become like water.' Which I've just been told I'm not drinking enough of. 

Sweet Jesus this woman drinks a lot of water. I should go. I've gotten behind and now have to ingest about four liters, however much that is. Honestly, how are my muscles supposed to atrophy when I have to use my legs to get up to go to the bathroom every five minutes. - mp