Just a reminder that the daily blog will be kicking back in with a great amount of gusto on January 1st. If you've continued to check in for updates I appreciate the loyalty and hope you come back in the new year.

I've been posting a lot less as you can see due to many factors, all of which are too involved to type out on this shitty IPhone. Suffice it to say 220 year old houses, while quaint, still require one to deal with a modern day landlord. Unless perhaps he IS infact, the original owner of the house, preserved all this time due to the rather shocking cold of the surrounding environment. That would at least explain our "miscommunication" or in his words MY "misinterpretation" of several aspects of the temporary lease.

But are we letting it get us down?

Well a little, but we're doing our best to have a great holiday anyway!

Also I still have no contract for Package Deal and am now considering some rather bold moves in response to the insanely slow progress with that situation.

In addition I've had to put the Christmas movie on hold until after Christmas. A luxury I now have given that I live here now and have a lot more time on my hands. Though that time will get eaten up quickly as of January 1. That's when shit gets real all over again, as I've said.

Okay, well off u go with some snow shoes to fund some deadfall somewhere on the 23 acres of property we sort of have access to. If you don't hear back from me I'm sure it's because I was torn asunder by the Black Panther the groundskeeper told us has been spotted lurking about in my area.

Yes. A black Panther. Because I suppose all the sasquatches are hibernating and all local unicorns grew wings and flew south for the winter.

Have a great holidays guys. I'll check in periodically to let you know how this rustic adventure of ours is turning out.