Old School

Just got back from collecting wood out on the property. Used a toboggan and some snow shoes. Fun! And difficult... But fun!

Came in and my girlfriend was making a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. I tell you priminions, we're kicking it old school over here. It's glorious!

Sure the house is far too cold and a literal bitch to heat. Yes there are mice that seem impervious to traps. Granted, a black panther has been seen in the general vicinity; which, if not true, still means the man responsible for our general maintenance goes around telling stories about mythical creatures, which in itself is a little off putting.

But there's no TV and no Internet - and yes I'm listing those as selling points of this little adventure - and we spent all night yesterday cooking and coming up with mnemonic devices.

See ladies, this is what you're missing if you're not on this gravy train! An old house in the middle of a frozen town cooking all the time while coming up with 100 PAO's.

PAO = Person Action Object.

From the book Moonwalking with Einstein. I suggest you read it if you no longer want to make to do lists or, or write down passwords, or get spied on by the NSA, or fondled by Edward Snowdon - not sure how it'll protect me from that last one, but I did just "remember" he's stuck in Russia. So it's working already! Thanks memory!

Okay, back to being a woodsman now. Though the picture I've painted is somewhat sullied by the fact in playing some Justin Timberlake on my JamBox. You know, just like the old days! - mp

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