Hey guys. Just an update for those of you keeping track of the movements and thoughts of this particular primate out here in the vast concrete jungle. Currently the maiden and I are unpacking inside the 220 year old farm house we are renting in a tiny town in Nova Scotia. We moved in tonight after a nice dinner with my parents and a quick trip to stock up on supplies.

We're now here, finally, in a place of our own, far from the stresses and hassles and annoyances we've put up with over the past bunch of months. Not altogether insulated of course. But unless you move into the woods and completely give up on your fellow man, you never will be. And I simply don't have the beard for such a lifestyle choice

Speaking of hassles, just the other day I was contacted by a former agent of mine who seemed somewhat confused as to whether or not he still represented me. You see, I let go of all my representatives a couple of months ago, after deciding to pretty much get out of this acting racket and focus on writing.

I called him and had a very long and amicable conversation with him then sent a very long, very personal email to the whole team and followed it all up by sending a basket of assorted gourmet goodies in thanks for all their work over the years. There's no contract between us anymore so I figured that this would be sufficient in ending the relationship.

Then I guess they caught wind that Package Deal might be coming back and wouldn't you know it, they up and sent me a very excited email that sounded very much as if none of the above steps had been taken at all. Imagine my surprise.

My lawyer is dealing with it now so I'm not all that concerned. And what my lawyer doesn't deal with I have no doubt the realities of geography likely will. I will say, in all honesty, that i was both annoyed and a little hurt by this utterly transparent and thoroughly petty move. I expected better from this particular guy considering the relationship I thought we had. But in the end I'm hardly surprised. Not after seven years in LA.

It's no seven years in Tibet, but I can assure you that one does indeed learn a lot about the human condition while living in an egomaniacally driven place like Hollywood nonetheless.

Evidently the opinion of my former agent was that I didn't let them go properly. Whatever that means. I'm not altogether sure how I could have eased the transition for them through this rather groundbreaking move in MY life ( I all-capped the operative word for you there in case you missed it ) but given the nature of business and you know... adulthood... I was pretty sure I had done everything on the up and up and all gentlemanly like.

But what can you do? Business is business; on whatever level of maturity it is undertaken. Which is why I'm not an idiot and took steps to ensure my ass was covered in such a circumstance. I may be freezing in an old house in the middle of a winter I moved INTO from the warmth of California, but I'm no idiot.

And anyway, as I was saying, Package Deal still doesn't feel much like a foregone conclusion at this point, despite the pickup, so everyone should just calm down. And by everyone I mean me ... and the agent in question who will definitely NOT be getting a copy of my first book as promised. Unless I changed my mind dramatically and starting wiring about ethics and basic human conduct.

The primate is punchy tonight my friends! As I said, the annoyances are still there. But this is the holidays! So I won't get bogged down in all that nonsense. I'm in a big assed house with the woman I love, far from the enquiring minds of anyone who knows us without access to Internet and TV. (Typing this out on my phone and just hoping it posts!) I've started shooting the movie for the kids this Christmas and we'll be getting up tomorrow, grabbing a coffee at the local shop and then enjoying our lives in peace and quiet.

I'm excited for this my priminions. It's taken a lot to get back here. To come full circle and end up back home after 15 years in the wasteland. But I'm back and I'm healthy and I'm surrounded by family once again and I have more stories in my head to write about then I likely have time in this world to put to paper.

And it all starts on January 1st.

The blog kicks in on that day and will continue forever. I know I can do it now. I know what I'm capable of. And the books will get written. (Honestly, with no cable or Internet what the hell else am I going to do??)

I'll continue to post randomly and likely often from now until then. But I took the last few days off because .. Well because I wanted to. And needed to.

Hope you're all having a safe start to the holiday season. Nite monkeys - mp

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