Package Deal

Went to Randal's place to watch the show tonight. Love that dude. Both he and his girlfriend are classy people. We had a good time but didn't get to stay long enough.

He kicked us out. Just suddenly snapped while we were eating cheese. Said if there was a season two he totally quit and that I should be the lead guy. AND take his pay.

So... anyway, there you go. Pretty sure putting it in a blog makes it a binding oral contract. I don't know what it is about Toronto actors. Weirdos.

The other possible reason we had to leave was due to an inexcusably early flight back home tomorrow. That's it Jeannette! Three strikes and you're out. I'm taking over the travel planning from now on.

She can still pack if she wishes. I don't particularly enjoy that aspect of travel and she quite loves putting shit in its place; people or otherwise.

So she gets packing duties. Done. Settled. But I'll take over tickets. All ticketing. Anything involving paper bits with times on them indicating our agreed upon attendance. That'll be me.

But good last day of the trip all the way around. Had some oysters with Jeannette's brother and his girlfriend. Jeannette pretty much devoured the entire ocean in one sitting. Conversation was just something she did between breaths.

She's a fan of the seafood, people. Perhaps the main reason I was able to convince her to leave LA for Nova Scotia in November. I may have embellished the amount of it slightly; it'll be hard to explain the lack of free lobsters being delivered to your door every morning by a man dressed as Captain Highliner. But by then it'll be too late anyway. Victory is mine.

We're pretty excited tonight I must admit. Laying here in a shitty hotel room bed, after a trip that was entirely too long - but you know, super good to see everyone - but entirely toooo long. And we're now ready to get back and start a little life together.

Still no word from Package Deal, you ask? Well, not to worry dear friends and priminions. I'll have a little house in the middle of nowhere soon, with Jeannette and a dog and an idea for a book series that'll take me a million years to write and enough cash to get the first one written.

Try and stop me. (Note: that challenge was not meant for the universe at all.. just anyone who hates science fiction or perhaps people being happy)

So that's where we're headed tomorrow. And as tired as we are we're now too excited to sleep. Well that's my excuse. I think Jeannette maybe just ate a bit of gluten.

Nite monkeys - mp