Out at dinner now. Jeannette is currently pouring over the menu getting primed to order us a feast of sushi.

Due to the fact that I'll eat pretty much anything we both find this to be the best system. It also allows me to dip into a little entry while I'm waiting.

Everybody wins.

Got some good work on the book done today. Bought a little leather bound notebook. Scribbled shit down as I accompanied Jano to a bunch of appointments. Walking her through the first chapter keeps me on point and her questions often lead to new ideas and a better understanding of current ones.

I'd prefer a desk in a house somewhere, but at this point this is a pretty good system. Just like this blog. Jotting down notes throughout the day.

We're all ordered. The memory book is amazing and I'm excited to get into these techniques. By the time we go back to Vancouver (still no deal) I'll be pounding through scripts in no time.

Just like this coming sushi. Nite monkeys.- mp