Off The Wagon

Well as it turns out my computer problems may have more to do with the model itself. I bought one of the new MacBook airs a couple months ago and have had wifi issues the whole time. My phone connects easily to the hotel Internet as does my iPad. But not the ridiculously expensive umpteenth version of one of their flagship processing machines. Unacceptable!!

I have an appointment with one of their "geniuses" tomorrow. If the issue isn't resolved satisfactorily I'll be selling this piece of titanium junk at a greatly reduced price, and jettisoning all other apple related products.

There have been other issues of course and perhaps no one else makes a product that does what it advertises. I guess I'll see. But Apple seems like a company that should be doing better than this. It's like the Obama Healthcare rollout debacle.

How do you screw up the most basic aspects of a product so important to your brand!!

Possibly a hanging offense. We'll see how they are tomorrow when I have to go all the way into the store to fix an issue with a machine that shouldn't have one. Most especially not an issue with one of its most basic functions: going online.


I'll try to post my declaration of failure later on from another location. Stay tuned monkeys. -mp