Nomadic Entries

Also, these shorter and perhaps more frequent entries seem more representative of my current state of existence.

The nomad doesn't have the luxury of spending large chunks of time pursuing and considering the higher level needs on Maslow's hierarchical pyramid.

The nomad's time is far too consumed by the appropriation of the basic necessities on the second level tier of said pyramid.

As a result, the nomad will now be providing brief, sudden flashes of personal insight and will share those thoughts when possible. These flashes will like come randomly and at varying intervals due to the shifting and somewhat uncertain nature of my current daily life.

These insights and subsequent updates will come while wandering the wasteland, in which I still find myself, no matter what I think I've achieved internally, and will be typed out on this phone between bouts of more pressing considerations; such as the acquisition of a shelter and food.

To pretend my situation is otherwise is to give an inauthentic representation of the current leg of this journey I'm now on. It also creates unnecessary pressure and stress to achieve and cultivate those higher levels of needs, when the current reality calls for my focus to be shifted to the more basic ones that are not being met.

I have far too much respect for my organism to keep freaking him out in this way!

Full disclosure my friends.

Not just in the details of the entries, but also, now, in the very style of the entries themselves.

This will all make more sense when I'm able to post the reason I've restarted this entire campaign. -mp