The nomad may need to hunt soon. His belly is growling. The hotel room is void of any refrigeration device or even a hot plate. This means the only option left to him is a return to the cold concrete forest to hunt for food.

Thankfully there are some organisms nearby his current dwelling who are offering various types of food stuffs for an agreed upon amount of paper/digital monies. They appear to have come from many lands, these merchants, and are offering a wide assortment of ingestable goods.

But this nomads people come from sheep country. As a result, his own organism is used to foods more native to those areas. And so, as yummy as dim sum and Thai food stuffs were last night and today, his own organism is now in need of something more easily dealt with, internally.

A quick look out the window revealed little from his lands to choose from. Which means a longer search may be upon him.

And so he must now renter the cold. In a city that is no longer familiar to him.

Quick Update:
The nomads mate has requested food as well. And her organism is middle eastern which means additional stops...

The hunter readies himself. - mp