Day 136 / Caught In The Vortex


Today was a day of details. So many details. Details upon details with more tiny little details sprinkled on top. Bollucks. Bullshit. These are the words that come rather unbidden to my mind. I'm tired. My eyes are dry and red and sleepy and if I was standing as I wrote this I'd be wobbling around.  

Like the vortex of details I'm stuck in.  

Don't get me wrong my fellow knuckle draggers, I enjoy detail. I love it in fact. Details illuminate understanding. Details, clues, features, characteristics, properties, that's where all the guts and the goo is. I love details. When they lead to a better understanding of something. But it's hard to find understanding to care about in sorting through taxes and putting this piece of paper with ink on it with that one sitting half torn with a coffee stain on it over in the corner there.  

The coffee stain is hyperbole but my level of organization, within one particular bag I came across today, was something to behold. From a much darker time in my development. Though I can't say I'm much better now. But I am now with someone who is. So she'll teach me. And I'll make her laugh as she's doing it. It's a solid trade off when you think about it.  

We're doing quite well however, I'll say that. Almost done. Looks like we might have an entire day off on Saturday before we leave the following day. Surely that breaks a record of some kind, if only a personal one. We have to take Hubble to the vet tomorrow to make sure he's not infested with rabies. I haven't seen much foam but he's so fluffy it might just absorb right back into his fur and then seep down back into his meat.  

Better to get him checked out. I'd hate to see a roving superpack of little white clouds of hate taking the Canadian countryside by storm. I can't have something like that on my conscience. Not now, while things are going so well.

Packing sucks. Have I mentioned that? There should be a service where you sign up and list all the shit you have and all your physical sizings and dimensions, and then when you want to move you just swap lives with someone similar on the site. It'll get to the point where people do it with relationships and everything, of course; Jane wakes up one morning and some guy named Al walks into the bedroom drinking coffee while wearing her husbands pajama pants.

I'm tired. But that'll be a thing someday. The spouse will have to accept it of course, she's not going to want some shitty substitute. But it'll happen. I remember one of my friends doing a bit about that years ago. It was about how stupid reality shows are getting but it's along the same lines of base level stupidity. He might have actually used "wife swap" in the joke and then it became a legit show. 

Legit in the sense that it was, in fact, on television. But in no other sense whatsoever.  

So who can say? Maybe there'll be a service like that. Did I mention I was tired? Today is November 7th. A little over a month till my 37th birthday. Which means the earth has circled our sun almost 37 times, despite being in a completely different part of space so what does any of that really matter?  

Did I mention I was tired? I could end it here, as my time is pretty much up and I still have to find a picture, or go on with something else??....