Day 135 / Meaningless Devastation


Why God why?!

I already wrote my blog tonight guys. It was just deleted, accidentally I hope, by a rogue finger. However, the entry itself involved topics such as Tom Cruise, his various beliefs and the fact my girlfriend was just packing to Gin Blossoms, best of. If there is such a thing!

Whatever, I'm just saying. A little odd that the second time I've had issues with a blog I was taking about anonymous people online and then scientologie. I spelled that wrong on purpose. It doesn't come up "on their searches... shhhhhhh"

Tragedy, dear friends - even then, I accidentally misspelled dear as drear - and dreary the situation is indeed. I was quite pleased with myself, not a half hour ago. And then the finger leaped to the side, quite independent of any conscious desire, and did the horrible deed. 

I've since played quite roughly with my dog, throwing the baby finger in question into gaping maw, in hope of some martial punishment. But Hubble chose this day to finally understand that fingers are off limits and so the finger, as a result, remains unscathed.  

I'm now sitting quite dismally on the couch watching Wheel of Fortune with Debra and an equally dismal Jeannette. I just went into the bedroom to get something and if I'm not mistaken all of the clothes have just switched positions. The structure of the piles and the chaos remain of course, but the color scheme and particular detail had changed. I'm not even going to say a word. This kind of dismal, with that heavy dollop of frustration, can ignite into flames of fury in an instant. 

And so the room will remain like this and I will have faith that there is a method to the seeming madness. We will now be devouring wings, in an assortment of exciting and odd flavors; the names of which, if we were in Texas and we'd just ordered over the phone, would lead to a very different evening.

I have volunteered to go fetch said foodlings. As a result the mood has turned quite dramatically in a much more positive direction in just these last few sentences. Packing and lost blogs already distant memories.  

Sadly for Jeannette she'll have to clean up the shrapnel from the fashiontorpedo that went off in the bedroom this morning. Unless we just keep the bedroom door closed and and jump on the plane to Canada with nothing. At that point I'll just write my address on the blog and the location of our spare keys and you guys can just have at it. 

Come on Package Deal season II... come on baby. - MP

*try as I might, that entry didn't hold a candle to the lost one. But wings are on the way. And short of a sanctioned looting of a bacon factory, it's the best possible thing that could happen right now.