Day 134 / A Day of Strangers


Today I spoke to a lot of strangers. There were strangers passing in and out of my apartment, strangers talking to me on the phone about all manner of things; plans and deals and auto pays and gas and power and all that shit that keeps you alive and connected and entertained.

The strangers were all quite enjoyable, I must say, which always tends to surprise me these days. I suppose that's either a sad reflection on the way the world is presented to society as a whole, or on my own personal outlook on the mass of humanity itself wandering around out there.  

Hard to say which of those two might be the case, now that I think of it, though as always I lean toward perspective a little. But sometimes you're environment is so bombarded with sensory... Well, it's all impossible to say really. I can have no way of knowing how you feel the world is presented to you. But yes, when I talk to people I am often surprised when I enjoy the conversation. Ha! What a shit thing to say!

Okay, in fairness to myself I will follow that up by saying that I am also under the impression at this moment that in most instances in life when I found myself in a confined place with a stranger, on a bus or plane say, and they strike up a conversation, I invariably enjoy myself. So there's that.

Which itself then raises an interesting and strange little conundrum. 

When engaged in conversation I generally find people very interesting. And yet I also have a distaste for the idea of sudden or forced conversations with strangers in future. If you were to say to me right now that someone was on their way over to my apartment I would not be very happy with you. Granted, it's 11:30 pm which puts the entire affair into a somewhat suspicious light. Who are you to send someone to my house this late just to prove your point?!

Okay that went off the rails a bit there. The point is, I'm admitting to being a bit of a dick... I think. I don't know. Maybe. It sounds somewhat suspect doesn't it? I'm surprised? But yes, I'm generally surprised when strangers aren't kinda shitty. I don't know, maybe I've lived in LA too long. 

So weird, now that I'm thinking about this - which, by the way, wasn't the topic I'd initially started to write about; not that I had something else in mind, which is likely why we find ourselves meandering along tonight - strange that I think this way in anticipation of future encounters, when most of the memorable encounters with strangers in are positive. Could that just be me thinking about this while I'm in a good mood right now?  

Though I don't know how I'm in a good mood. I'm laying in a bed covered in clothing, on a tiny little oasis of cleanliness and order, watching my girlfriend swear her way into a manageable truck load of clothes to pack. Luggage is everywhere. Papers are everywhere. I'm moving out of the country. Tons of shit yet to do. And yet, quite positive. Quite pleased at this moment.

Even after a full day of encounters with some of the strange ones.  Not you guys, of course. You're not a member of that group. You read the blog. We're basically married you and I. But them? Sheesh. Zombies, the whole lot of them.  

So what does any of this say? Other than I'm a dick and just called everyone who doesn't read this blog and isn't a friend of mine a zombie. So if there are 7 billion people on the planet that means I've pissed off all but five people. Maybe I should just lighten up about future interactions with my fellow travelers. Given the evidence I've presented it seems that should be the new course of action. If I'm the "hey, show me evidence or I ain't believing shit!" guy, then I should put my money where my mouth is.  

Fine. Done. I'm kissing every baby I see tomorrow and shaking as many hands as I can before some of them start swinging at me. Time to go forth and meet the masses. Can you imagine if I did that? Just walked off into the sunset.  "Hey guys, so I'm not only moving back to Nova Scotia, I'm also putting on a bathrobe and wandering the country side meeting people and getting into general adventures and mischief."  

The funny thing is that if I announced it right now I bet most of my friends would think I was serious. And if that's true then I've finally reached the coveted Sarah Palin status of "maverick" and I can die a happy man. With a six shooter in one hand and a bald eagle in the other. God bless us everyone.  

Before I sign off and try to sleep among my shifting nest of feminine clothing, I would just like to say a general thanks and well done to everyone who had any interaction with me today. If you harboured any disparaging thoughts regarding my sweat pants and greasy hair you barely let on at all. 

Except that AT&T woman. I didn't get the feeling she really wanted me to have a great day. Not in the slightest. 

More on the aliens tomorrow. - MP