Day 132.3 / Journalized


Another late entry today. I have seemingly abandoned all form of structure in my life and have resorted to aimless drifting. I'm blaming the fact that everyone is away so there's really no one to keep me in check. Why even bother putting clothes on? I mean I'm no nudist or anything but it does seem like a waste of energy to me at this point.

Which probably means it's a good thing my girlfriend does get back tomorrow night. I'm quite certain if I was given another couple of days like this she'd walk in and find me squatting in the center of the room like a savage grilling a squirrel over a fire made of furniture kindling. 

I went and hit a little white ball with metal sticks with my friend Ira today. That was fun. I got to talk about the book a little which I always enjoy. He's a good man, Ira, and we always have a good time. It was one of those games where hitting the ball becomes a brief pause in the stream of conversation. Which is really all golf should be. All any sport should be really, though it's much harder to keep up a conversation in hockey. What with the skates and freedom of directional choice and all.  

I didn't find out any more about the aliens. They're still here trying to alter our policies in order to make the planet more habitable for them. I told you to be careful of people in suits, which is somewhat vague and unhelpful, I'll admit to that, but I can narrow that down a little now. Also be wary of climate change deniers. That's a good indicator the person might be infected by the alien waste.  

They like a warmer planet you see. They come from a tumultuous world. They're quite home in a constant state of terrestrial upheaval. Hawaii wouldn't be Hawaii for them  unless it was being hit by a tsunami every ten minutes. As I said, shitty little creatures these things. We really should get this ball rolling. I have all the information. It's just a matter of typing it out. 

But I'm tired tonight. Tired and discombobulated. Most of the time I enjoy solitude but I think I've hit my limit of enjoyment. Okay, already, I've watched two seasons of Sons of Anarchy and am well into the third. I've walked Hubble, a lot, and written the blog. I've laid around. I punched my brain a few times. Did a bit of work getting ready for the move. All right already, I'm ready for certain people to get back from their travels. And those people know who they are. 

And then it's just a week. A week and I'm out of Los Angeles. Did I mention that? That the date was that impending? November 10th. Why not? It's as good a day as ever. A week from today. Moving out of the country. And not three or four days after my green card officially came in. It's funny really. How important a thing that little document was to me just a few months ago. And now I don't even know if I'll be around when it gets here in the mail.  

Don't get me wrong, I have no reason to waste it. I have six months to decide on whether or not to keep it, but that would involve moving back here for the following six months. That's the deal with green cards you see. You must live in the US six months and a day. But I don't foresee it happening. Stranger things have happened of course, and at this point in my life I rule out nothing but witchcraft and alchemy, so I won't say anything with certainty. But I really can't imagine what would cause a move back to happen.  

Work? Sure. But live? No.  

Oh and did I mention the big news about Package Deal??? No? Well that's because there isn't any yet. Hopefully this week. I just want an answer either way at this point. This guy over here (I'm pointing to myself with my thumb) needs to settle down somewhere very soon. There's a permeating fatigue that settles into bones during the process of a move like this. It's no one event. Just a cumulative affect of all the bullshit and stress.  

I want a house and a comfortable bed and some water to look out at while I'm writing. And a motorcycle with a side car for Hubble. But if I don't get that last bit it's hardly a deal breaker.  

That's it for tonight. I think we did some good work here kids. We expressed some ideas, shared some thoughts, yessir, this was most certainly a bonding session. I can't speak for you of course but I feel our connection is much deeper. I know I've been changed. I can feel deep down in my guts.  

It's either that or the Ikeman Ramen I just shoved into my face with the blunt end of a fork. That's one thing I'll miss about LA. I do love those motherfucking noodles. - MP