Day 143 / Put The Dog Down


Well, true to my word I got back on track today and walked the dog as soon as I got up. The fact it happened at about 2pm after rolling out of bed from another sleepless night is quite beside the point. Though perhaps the fact I spent the first hour or so chewing on a piece of toast and watching the debacle that is Toronto politics does further throw my modest accomplishment into question as well. No matter.

Also, it wasn't an hour walk as I had hoped. Instead, we got about fifteen minutes down the road and another large dog started barking at us and stalking somewhat threateningly forward. He stayed on his property, to his credit, but didn't look like the type of animal that would respect invisible boundaries if we tested him by walking past his house. So we turned back. Stubborn as I am I have no desire to test my soccer skills on a dog that lives in this part of town. Which is to say up on the mountain where the roads are dirt and anything with a GPS chip short circuits and bursts into flames. 

The dogs in this part of town are a far cry from the prancey little dandies in West Hollywood and neither Hubble nor I were too keen on testing neither the response time or the four wheeling capabilities of a local ambulance. 

Another difference I've noticed in this area as opposed to the one we just came from was that the shit laying around these parts might not always be from other dogs. Generally when Hubble walked past some poo laying on the sidewalk or grass he sniffed at it and then peed on it to mark his territory. Today we walked past a rather large pile of nearly frozen shit and he stopped, as per, and sniffed at is as is his custom. He then lifted his leg, paused, looked at me, and put it back down. No sense getting into a turf war with a bear.

He's a wise young man. 

I should also say the walk didn't exactly happen as 'soon' as I got up, as I will admit to watching an hour of the council meeting where the dishonorable mayor of Toronto held court and lambasted his fellow politicians with his characteristic, bullying style. I have to admit to not following much of Toronto politics since moving to Los Angeles so I don't pretend to have a comprehensive opinion on what the man has done politically. I'll leave that to the scholars and journalists who enjoy combing through the minutia of the day to day operations of a city. I'd rather put a nail gun to my genitals every day myself, but you know what they say; different strokes for different folks. 

As to the impressions of the man? Does blathering, egomaniacal, frat boy strike anyone as accurate? Just looking at him irritates me and it has little to do with his weight. There's something about the way that dude carries himself that makes my skin crawl. The arrogance is overwhelming. He seems like a fatter Sarah Palin but with a slightly larger penis. He's got the same "down home cheekiness" bullshit character that seems to play so well with the people out there. People who are annoyed with the usual cold, dead eyes of most political puppets, who speak eloquently and then turn around and rape the office they occupy in any number of devious and self-serving ways. 

And he has a brother?! I didn't even know that until I saw the guy accuse the entire council of smoking pot today. Evidently candy apples don't fall far from the tree either. There's really nothing funny about any of this, despite my occasional sarcasm. Shocking, sure. But funny? No. Anyone still laughing at this needs to have their head examined. It's a debacle. 

By all accounts the good mayor isn't going anywhere. At least until they uncover the details of what the 'hanger' remaining in his closet might be all about. That was a fun little detail that came out today. "Have we heard all the secrets uncovered," one reporter asked at one point. "There may be a hanger remaining in there."

A hanger?

If it has anything to do with back alley abortions he performs on gang members over at city hall during lunch break, I wouldn't be surprised. Of course that would likely increase his popularity with the people out there who still support him.

"Sure he charged money to perform illegal abortions on the girlfriends of gang members, but doesn't that mean he's staying true to his word of fighting the growth of these gangs?"

See, everything can be spun these days when all people require is a quick bright side in order to throw a blanket of forgiveness over a steaming pile of shit. People aren't going to care about any of this until things really start to fall apart and our political system descends into the type of behavior you see in parts of the developing world. 

Of course that term really has little meaning anymore. Developing world? That term presupposes the existence of a 'developed world'. And no one on either side of the great North American border can possibly believe the fallacy of that concept these days. 

Get your shit together Toronto. Even my dog knows when to avoid the smell of shit from a potentially rabid bear - mp