Day 140 / Road Weary


Epically long trip today. Woke up at 6am LA time and just got into my parents place in Nova Scotia at 2:30am their time, or 10:30pm LA time, and blah, blah, blah I'm exhausted. I've done the trip before of course, a few times a year actually. But rarely with nine overweight bags and a dog.

A few squirrels, a buckets of frogs, an adult puma, sure, we've all done that. But not nine overweight bags and a dog.  

But first thing's first; our last night in town.

Jeannette and I were invited out to the Kings game last night to hang in the Canucks owners box. So on our last night in LA we got to watch the game. But I mentioned that yesterday I suppose. We ducked out a bit early due to some last second packing, which turned into a few last hours, and then went to sleep on a poorly constructed nest beneath new upstairs neighbors who decided it was time to bring back the days of cocaine and disco. 

After a couple hours of abysmal sleep we got up, shoved the dog in his carrier, loaded up the cab and headed out. I have to say that first part of the journey was quite smooth, until we got to the airport and Hubble burst through the top of the carrier breaking the zipper.  


So I dumped all our shit curbside while Jeannette looked for a stapler. We fastened the carrier with a stapling job a back woods surgeon would have been ashamed of, and were off once again. The rest of the airport was a blur of people and bags and waiting. When we finally did get on the plane we were seated together so Jeannette did some fancy footwork and convinced some dude to come up and take my seat. As I was heading back I passed the flight attendant and was told my girlfriend was just in the very back cleaning hot chocolate off our dog. I thought she was joking. 

But nay, fellow travelers. Some chick actually did just that, in fact, and spilled an entire (luke warm) hot chocolate all over Hubble's carrier and the floor under the seat. Hot chocolate was everywhere. As we're in the back trying to get both he and his carrier cleaned off, the compassionless twat working the flight pretty much told us to essentially "get out of the cabin". We had a couple words her and I, nothing major of course, all I really did was point to a dog full of hot chocolate in a manner that reminded her that he was, in fact, alive, and not just an app on our fucking cell phones. - Sorry, tired and cranky and have utterly no patience for people with no patience for animals, or the indigent, or old people, or all of the above. 

Anyway, with that taken care of we were airborne. As it turns out Hubble did much better than Jeannette and I as a traveler. We both got incredibly sick on landing. It might be the most nauseous I've ever been in my life. Sick headache. Motion sickness. And as bad as I was, J-bird was way worse. I thought we were going to die. Or, short of that, at least not be fit to get the second flight. And all the while Hubble stared up at us like we were amateurs.  


The second flight was much better and we landed pretty much without incident. Hubble was a big hit with pretty much everyone we came into contact with. But the friendliness certainly got amped up once we arrived in Halifax. It's just a different vibe here people wise. So nice and genuine and kind. Hubble basically french kissed an old woman in line for customs. She nearly risked the wrath of the guards by taking her phone out to get a picture but her husband put a quick end to that.  Anyway, we're home and it's great and I'm very excited.

To do what you ask?

Well, first of all, thanks for asking. You've been pretty quiet these last 140 days. I've poked and prodded a few times but you stay pretty hush hush. No matter, we'll get there you and I. We'll figure out what this relationship between us is all about.

The plan is to write.

First, relax. And maybe do some visiting. A trip to Ottawa might be fit in there before the holidays, perhaps Toronto (dum, dum dum, dum) but we'll see. And then after that finish the first draft of the book.  

I already feel a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I think I realized I haven't wanted to be in LA for a while. I think I realized it after my cosmic face slap earlier this year, but certainly once that decision was made today was just an inevitability. It was going to happen some time. I didn't get here on a motorcycle, that's for sure. But I'm here nonetheless. As advertised. 

The details don't always look the way you think they might, but the structure is the most important part anyway. And structurally things are starting to feel pretty great indeed. -mp