Day 107 / I'm An Idiot...


Might as well get straight to the point. I'm not a smart primate. Not a member of the upper echelon when it comes to reasonable behavior; especially, I would add, with regard to myself. 

My back is a fair amount of all f'`*d up right now. The stab wound from the other night has festered. I went to the expert this morning and usually he sets me pretty straight but he was less optimistic about my recovery time on this occasion. The swelling was quite severe apparently. I have to ice it and return on Thursday. He's never been wrong in the past so I'll hope for the best, but the fact my pain has barely subsided from the treatment today gives me cause for concern.    

My current state is an admittedly deplorable one. Though the treatment felt marginally better this morning I'm right back to being as stiff as a petrified tree and barely able to move my neck without lightning shooting down my spine. Things could be worse, and I have much to be grateful for, but sweet fancy moses on a hill top this is uncomfortable!

So why then, in the face of so much discomfort and pain, would I add to my misery by admitting to idiocy? Simple. This is one hundred percent my fault. I got stabbed. Granted, not my fault. But I knew I needed to give it some time to heal and instead I got cocky and thought I'd pretend I'm not pushing 40.

To make it worse I received very reasonable advice from two friends of mine during the activity that led to the injury in question and chose to ignore it. I might have tweaked it in the very next breath. Foolishness. I have had to suffer through a number of further lectures from said advisors since then, and have very little in the way of rebuttal.  

Thus today I am a self confirmed idiot and I'm not ashamed to state it publicly; if for no other reason than I'm hoping it will garner me some more sympathy locally.. it's been pretty slim pickings the last couple of days. Oh sure they'll get me water if I'm near dehydrated but there's a stern rebuke in their eyes I could probably do without. 

Still, the help is appreciated and I'm going to take greater pains to avoid the initial stabbing that brought this whole sordid mess about to begin with. Perhaps I'll get more into this yoga business that everyone's going on about. 

If only I wasn't pushing 40. Parkour would have been the perfect way for a primate living in a concrete jungle to stay in shape.