Day 106 / A Short One

I tried to exercise today thinking it might not be incredibly stupid to test out the stab wound. The decision proved...incredibly stupid. 

I am now writing this quite unable to see my own writing. My vision is at maybe 70%. Okay 65% and sliding. That means a crippling headache is on the way. I believe the popular term is currently migraine. But all I know is a storm is brewing on the horizon of my brain meat! Thick, angry clouds rolling in behind my eyes my friends.

This is grim news. I should really stop writing. I had my blog nearly finished for today too! But this might have to suffice. Which means tomorrow's might be long. 

I will now settle in for this. 

I have contacted my friend with the laser beam back fixer thing. He's taking me in tomorrow. I need a good cracking. 

But tonight I'll just sit in my friends smoke tent and try to avoid the pain by going on a dream quest. Maybe I'll find the culprit who keeps stabbing me and take a good sword to him.