Day 102 / Mind Reading Got Away From Me...


It started off as a desire I felt after listening to the primates higher up in the trees debating the finer points of shutting down the entire forest and letting potentially sick little primates go without necessary attention. That among MANY other possible consequences of people who should know better not doing what is right for the primates who sent them up there. 

I didn't hear them yapping myself mind you. Lesser primates don't usually get an audience with the higher primates directly. There are far too many of us in the trees for that. And really, would you even want to? 

I try not to listen to the talking heads high up in the trees much anymore. Instead, I caught some of the more dramatized information from the chimps slightly lower down the tree. The well spoken, perfectly groomed gossipers who smile as they spout contradictory facts to each other. You know the ones. They take themselves so very seriously. The higher primates talk and these middle ones screech what was said down to the rest of us for hours and hours and hours.  

My point was that if mind reading was possible it would be so much easier to tell who was lying among the higher primates and why and we could go ahead and get the whole forest back on track! But we can't. So it's a moot point.  

I myself got some interesting news last night about my own time here in this particular forest. You see I wasn't born here. I was born in another forest further north of here, a much colder one, and have merely been down here for a while taking part in some of the hand waving on the forest floor myself.

But now it appears as though the group of the higher primates that handle who gets to come and go in this particular forest are saying that I may need to go soon. I separated from one of the locals and somehow, someway, something didn't get to the higher primates. At least, not what they required. 

Seems to be a timing thing. I still have some plays. But yeah, if it doesn't work out I'll have to leave sometime soon.  

Simple as that.

It's funny actually, as I had quite already decided to move on. I'd been talking about it for a while, planning even. And then I receive news that the higher primates in the forest also think its time to go. I bet our reasons are starkly different.

Interesting though, how both processes were utterly unconnected. The process of staying after separation was set in motion long before any thoughts of leaving were even contemplated.  And so I may quite officially have to leave a forest I had already decided to leave months ago.

After seven years of being here. 

I'm actually quite okay with it to be honest. I have no desire to be blacklisted from this forest, nor would I think I would be given the fact it's just a clerical, timing issue. I'll do my due diligence. But the chicken scratches on the piece of bark confirming me and the local female have parted ways, the scratches the higher primates require is still processing after the maximum time has already passed. Hardly something I can do much about sitting here. Though I will try. 

It's annoying of course. I would have enjoyed at least having the option of coming back down for work in the future. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't fall asleep last night somewhat irritated. But I woke up today feeling much better.  

It will be what it will be. And if I have to pack up my bags and leave this place sooner than I'd anticipated I will interpret that as a good thing. Regardless of what it may mean in the future, in the short term it means I will get to spend time with my friends and family left behind sooner rather than later.  

And besides, as I've said before. Writing can be done from anywhere.