Day 127 / Little Piece of Canada at the Beach


This entry will be a two parter. We're heading down to Redondo Beach Cafe tonight to watch the Toronto feed of Package Deal with some of the people from the show who are in town. Should be fun. Tonight's episode, "The Bully" was a very fun one to shoot. It'll be good to watch with some of the guys and talk about the show. It was a year ago that we started shooting it. 

We should hear about it getting picked up for a second season or not within the next couple of weeks. I of course have my fingers crossed but anyone who reads this on a consistent basis knows it's cool either way. I'd love to go back and do it again. But if not there are other things going on and I'll stay busy. 

We're also dog sitting tonight which is always hilarious. My friends Liz and Ira brought their dog Cooper over and the two look pretty primed for a night of debauchery and destruction. They've spent time together since they were born these two. And they're pretty hilarious when they're together. I wish the show was on tomorrow night. I'd love to stay in and watch the festivities. But at least while we're gone Hubble will have some company. 

Not much else going on right now to report. I was thinking of doing something a little different with the blog tonight but instead I've settled on a straight up journal entry. This may be the blog at its most stripped down state I'm afraid. A glorified Facebook status update with nothing more insightful than calling itself out for what it is as I've done here; in hopes of salvaging something of value!  

But little can be done about this. I'm not in a very creative space right now with the move and all that but I'm determined to keep this thing going and figure out what the hell it is.  

___________3 hours later____________

Just got back from watching the show. Really good time. Had some poutine and good laughs. Also found out more about what's going on behind the scenes of the attempt to get us a second season. Pretty much the same thing; wait and see. But things sound great. I'd like to find out sooner than later as it'll make the move a lot easier. Changes things dramatically if I'm going back to Vancouver to shoot. Still wouldn't be for another few months which would give me the perfect amount of time to get the first draft of the book done. 

Okay, rambling. Have a great night guys.