Day 125 / Idiocracy


Love this movie. I'm watching it again now after another day of running errands. I've tainted my brain meat a little tonight and as always the experience has been a good one given I feel I got a lot done. All it really took was getting a bit more organized. My brain needs to see things. White boards are great. 

So the calendar is full and the countdown is on. And I'm watching Idiocracy and it's been a good day. Busy but good. I remembered the changes I made back when this all first started and am locking back into that as soon as we get out of here. Still writing the blog and working on the book as much as possible. But the as much as possible just hasn't been as much as I'd wanted the last little while. At the very least I'm jotting down notes and thinking about it, which I think is important. Out of sight is out of mind. And out of mind is no good for me. I lose interest.  

Wow, that actually just happened. I got lost in the movie for a second. Luke Wilson was really perfect for this. He's such a good every man. It really is terrifyingly funny. 500 years might be a stretch. This could happen in a few generations. 

I lived through a garbage strike in Toronto one year… yikes. It wouldn't take long.  

This is a half assed entry. A no picture one for sure. It's a shame. I felt pretty good today, after getting my shit together. My concerns remain about the dog but that'll just be what it'll be. But overall we got a lot done. And ate thai food. I'll miss that from here I think. The food. There are some great restaurants around this place.  

I'm barely conscious right now. The writing is coming in chunks. Fading… can't think… movie is too clever… so many errands... 

I think I'll sign off for today. It's been more than a half an hour even if only about five of it was spent with any modicum of focus.