Day 123 / Update On The Writing


Well since I decided to move back north the writing hasn't been as fluid as I'd hoped. I'm not sure if it's due to the fact there hasn't been a lot of structure day to day or the fact I'm still just not ready to get into the writing yet.  

The question I ask myself from time to time is if I'm procrastinating or if I really do just need a bit more fleshing out. It's a tough question to answer because I can see it both ways. If the story wasn't moving forward, if I wasn't coming up with new twists to the existing plot, I'd be a bit more worried. But it's going really well.

The world is growing. I'm happy with it. I think the important thing is that the idea isn't changing it's just evolving. The ideas I had for worlds are becoming worlds. Same with characters. It's science fiction for sure but mythologized. The first book just establishes the scope by introducing the symbols that we eventually get into. You can't start a book by screaming about Dark Matter. You have to ease people into it. You know?   


I've had a few good bouts of writing in there, since I got back from the trip East. A few. I look at what I'd written and I'm quite happy with it but then something will come up getting ready for the move, or with immigration and the routine gets set off track. And when that's off track I'm much better suited working on the idea more.  

I don't know, I'm hoping this won't be a rationalization. The good news is I'm going to be getting organized soon. That's another project I'm trying to do before I get home. Clean out all the clutter in my magic box and all those many clouds up there floating about with a bunch of my half finished shit filling them.  

Angry, the contents of those clouds. Th


Okay, so here's what just happened there. My dog just came over and did his I would like some attention move where he sits next to me on his hind legs and flops his paws over. He must have eaten a hundred baby somethings on his first day of life. He's just that cute. I know it's not me because I'm not that much of a softy yet, so I might start recording some of this behavior and posting it. I don't even care. It's stupid.  

Anyway, he pawed at my keyboard and that's what he wrote. "ous+" 

Since the only reason he ever comes over and begs like a throned polar bear at me is when he wants to fight or go out I can only assume he was trying to write "out". Since he had the first two letters of the word with the addition of the + symbol, which, in addition to being the only other perfect likeness to a t on the board, could be an indicator as to the level to which he has to pee; if you enjoy a good symbol am much I do. "Sacrifice your blog entry, me liege, as Jesus once did for us all, but do so for my bladder, for it is upon bursting, I will perish, and thus will our companionship come to a frightful end." 

So I couldn't ignore the little writer. I'll forgive the mistyped s. Forgive but perhaps not forget. Not if we're playing with symbols now, he and I. Not if we've started that perilous game. No, I'll have to take another look at that s. Perhaps going out was not what he wanted after all.  

He did give a look of despair to that ninja adhered to the roof of my hallway. Perhaps he or she had something to do with that. I'll stay on it. Given the fact he's now staring out the window in the direction of Japan I feel the heightened alert level is warranted.

All right Hubble, well I'm not sure if that took this entry in a better direction than it started out or not. But that's what happened. So there you go. I'll now get back to at the very least doing something productive and get back to the book.  

This entry gets no picture. It's a journal entry and things in my life are changing too fast to get a good shot or to focus on for any amount of time. Tag less. Category less. Just a drop in the daily pond of writing. For some reason.


Also, FedEx sucks, I need an assistant, Craigslist has been okay so far, with the people I've met, but the sifting process is dog shit. And if anyone has advice on flying with a dog shoot me an email through the contact me section. 

Have a good night guys.