Day 117 / Awake in the Limbo Hour


4am. This is the hour of temporal limbo I have just decided. Too late to be considered reasonable for someone hanging by themselves, even an individual who is currently jobless, and too early for anyone but the most prolific of farmers. This is limbo.  

What does one do in limbo? Mostly, usually, almost always, very little that even remotely resembles anything productive. Again, it's too late and too early. It's that weird weightless point you'd reach if you ever take a ride in that plane they use to shoot realistic space movies.

Its the dead zone of consciousness, where you're not getting the benefit of sleep and you're incapable of doing anything requiring a certain level of mental acuity. Accountants probably don't operate well in the dead zone. The limbo hour. Numbers don't do well here. I've stopped counting how many episodes of Scandal I've watched, or how many chocolate blueberries have been devoured. 

And so I'm writing my blog. If for no other reason than when I look back on this chunk of time I will at least feel it wasn't a total wash. Sorry, got distracted. Olivia, was in peril. I'm writing this blog entry and if I don't write the next one until late Saturday night it'll be like I've had a mini vacation from this iron ball. This albatross around my neck. 

More Craigslist adventures tomorrow. I have yet to get shanked but my knives are always tucked neatly and safely away. Always at the ready. So far so good. I hate it though. Strangers in my place. I think this is why the yard sale was so popular. Stuff goes outside. Strangers don't come inside. That's why you never hear of basement sales. Creepy and dangerous and poorly lit. 

I gotta say I'm enjoying this show Scandal. This is the first show I've gotten into since Breaking Bad. Good to know I have something to watch when I find myself floating weightlessly in temporal limbo. 

I'll talk to you after my min vacation. Happy Earth day.