Day 116 / Who's To Blame If A Democratic Government Blows?


It seems to me that it becomes a little too easy to point the finger at the primates up on the higher branches, though at some level they are as deserved as anyone else of some verbal hostility. They're the face of these multiple and repeated crises after all. With their disingenuous smiles, political talking points and the audacity with which they throw around symbols like 'the American people' or 'our veterans/troops' or 'senior citizens'; symbols that have lost any meaning coming from the mouths of these charlatans, cheats, and swindlers.

Too easy to place the blame at their door I think. Though a much more comfortable practice than putting it where it likely deserves to be laid. But when everything goes awry is it really their fault?

How did they get up there to begin with?

If it's a democracy you're talking about, then the fault most accurately lays with the people themselves. They're the ones who elected these primates to begin with. If the representatives they elected are acting like children then we can safely conclude the majority of the people who elected them are on a similar level of maturity.

I'm sure their heart was in the right place when they voted. They saw their country going in a direction they felt very strongly against and acted in accordance with their conscience. Sadly, conscience and good sense do not go hand it hand. And rather than do the necessary research in order to inform themselves as to the deeper issues they blame the 'government' for all their woes. As a result they put irrational and thoroughly unreasonable people in office to represent them.

When you have large groups of uninformed people acting on the basis of conscience without the benefit of enlightened direction, you will see that reflected in the way a government leads and in the direction the forest itself is headed. And no one can say with a straight face anymore that this forest is headed in a good direction. Not with the current batch of morally insensate arthropods in positions of power. It's not a direction that can't be corrected of course. But it might necessitate a new understanding of the old ideas that put this country together in the first place. And as the founders themselves have been elevated to a level of unimpeachable virtue, that possibility seems at this point to be a non starter. 

If a democratic government is broken it seems to me that the country itself is broken as well. Not at odds. Not in disagreement. But broken. This is becoming more and more evident to anyone looking at the US political system from outside the bubble. Red warning flags of impending doom are popping up every few months now. And very soon the 11th hour save isn't going to happen. 

The reality of what's happening seems starkly different than what is believed to be happening by both the individuals in charge and the population. I say this not because I know the reality of what's happening, but because no one seems to. Evidence of this can be seen every time you see primates of differing opinions talking. Both spout facts and figures and point fingers to a degree that simply does not allow for judgements to be made on anything other than which person you 'like' more.

If the manner in which you collect facts itself isn't itself respected - and how could they be as there seem to be an assortment of them supporting all positions - then it becomes quite safe to say that the reality of things must be either poorly understood or that truth itself has become devalued. 

If the primates putting people in charge don't care about truth the forest is doomed. If the collective Ego has been built up to such a degree that it takes on mythic proportions, as in the "we're the best forest in the world" with either limited or no knowledge of what the rest of the world has to offer, the forest is doomed.

The good news in all this is that it seems to be happening in forests all over the world. Perhaps it is merely the inherent nature of conscious life in general. Once you become aware of the particulars of the world the door opens up to the ability to debate and disagree with opinions regarding those particulates.  

And if this is just something that comes with an understanding of our place in the world then all one can do is hunker down and enjoy the show. Which is what I'll be doing from now on. From the relative safety of a much smaller forest.  

I wish us all good luck.